Other arthritis services and community services

The Mary Pack Arthritis Program is not the only provider of arthritis services in British Columbia. Other services are available in the public and private health-care system.

Hospital arthritis services

  • Require a doctor’s referral
  • Are covered by the Medical Services Plan (MSP)
  • Usually have the expertise to deal with complex types of arthritis (e.g., inflammatory arthritis, such as rheumatoid arthritis)

Richmond Hospital Arthritis Service (in the Community Health Access Centre)

  • Primarily for people living in Richmond and South Vancouver
  • Physical therapy and occupational therapy services
  • See all types of inflammatory arthritis and multi-joint osteoarthritis

Lions Gate Hospital

  • For people living on the North Shore, Sunshine Coast or Sea-to-Sky Highway
  • Physical therapy and occupational therapy services
  • Sees all types of inflammatory arthritis and multi-joint osteoarthritis

Holy Family Hospital

  • For people aged 55 years and older
  • See people after joint replacement surgery and with osteoarthritis who have multiple health conditions
  • Physical therapy and occupational therapy services

To find services for osteoarthritis please visit:

To find a rheumatologist please visit:

Private practice providers

  • Do not require a doctor’s referral
  • May be covered by Extended Health Benefits or are paid for out of pocket
  • Generally have short or no wait times to receive service
  • Usually have the expertise to treat common types of arthritis, such as osteoarthritis, or soft tissue conditions like tendonitis, frozen shoulder, bursitis, etc.
  • back pain
  • Have the expertise to treat people after  joint replacement surgery

Find a private practitioner

To find private practitioners near you please visit these links

Treatment for conditions not related to arthritis

Do you have a condition such as fibromyalgia or chronic pain?

Please visit:

People who live on Vancouver Island can access self-management chronic pain programs through the Vancouver Island Health Authority (VIHA):

Do you have osteoporosis not related to inflammatory arthritis?  For resources on falls prevention, vitamin D and calcium and other seniors care please visit:

For information about health services near you or to talk to a health professional visit HealthLink BC or call 8-1-1

Other helpful arthritis resources

Arthritis Society Canada

Arthritis Society Canada provides a wide range of resources and services to support people with arthritis in British Columbia and the Yukon Territories. This includes arthritis online tools and information,  community groups; disease-specific support groups;  public forums and webinars and telephone support.

Arthritis Consumer Experts

Arthritis Consumer Experts is Canada’s largest patient-led organization that provides free, science-based information and education programs in both official languages to people with arthritis. ACE provides  current news on research,  disease and treatment information to help them take control of their disease, and change their arthritis experience for the better.


The ArthritisBC+Me portal is designed to help BC patients learn about the arthritis programs and resources best suited to their needs in the province and make connections with others in the BC arthritis community. Powered by community partners and funded by committed sponsors, the ArthritisBC+Me portal enables BC patients to stay informed about the latest news and research about arthritis prevention and treatment options.

Find a full list of arthritis resources