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While the effects of climate change on human health and health care delivery are clear, we also know that the health care system has a significant environmental footprint and actively contributes to climate change.

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VCH Pillar: Planetary Health

Restoring, stewarding and conserving healthy ecosystems for generations to come.

We are working to adapt our systems and services to ensure we can continue to deliver high-quality care through climate events, while reducing the health care system’s environmental impact.

Embedding planetary health principles in all that we do

VCH is committed to embedding planetary health principles of environmental sustainability and climate resilience in all that we do, from changing business practices, to managing our facilities and the medical supplies we use, to moving to low-carbon care delivery.

Bringing together stakeholders and teams from sustainable clinical services, Public Health, and energy and environmental sustainability, we are facing these challenges head on and are committed to delivering resilient and environmentally sustainable care for the health of people, places and planet.

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More on our vision and other pillars

Our vision

Our vision of healthy lives in healthy communities inspires us and our values and pillars guide us. Collectively, our actions contribute to creating safe, healthy spaces for everyone and support quality patient outcomes, access to equitable care and a great place to work.

Indigenous Cultural Safety

Committing to reconciliation and learning, and providing the best care informed by the history and culture of Indigenous peoples.

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Promoting a sense of belonging where we can bring our whole selves to VCH.


Creating a community where we dismantle attitudes, practices and processes that impact people based on their race or ethnicity.