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Accredited by the Standards Council of Canada against ISO/IEC17025:2017

N95 respirator
NaCl particulate filtration (TEB-APR-STP-0059)

This test measures the filtration efficiency of respirators using NaCl aerosols

N95 respirator
Quantitative fit testing (CSA Z94.4-18 Section 9, Annex C)

This test measures the fit of respirators to ensure a good seal on the users face based on the detection of particles by the machine

Surgical/Isolation Gown
Water impact testing (AATCC TM42-2017e)

This test measures the resistance of fabrics to the penetration of water by impact and can be used to predict the fluid resistance of fabrics and PPE items

Medical Mask, N95 Respirator, Surgical/Isolation Gown
Standard for the Flammability of Clothing Textiles (16 CFR Part 1610)

Assesses the flammability of textiles and PPE products and determines the burn time.

N95 respirator
N95 inhalation and exhalation resistance

Measures the inhalation and exhalation breathing resistance for air-purifying respirators, including N95 filtering face-piece respirators.

N95 Respirator, Medical Mask
Resistance to penetration by synthetic blood (ASTM  F1862/F1862M-17)

Evaluates resistance of medical face masks to penetration by the impact of a small volume (~2 mL) of a high-velocity stream of synthetic blood.

Surgical/Isolation Gown
Test Method for Water Resistance: Hydrostatic Pressure (AATCC - TM127)

Measures the resistance of a gown or fabric to the penetration of water under a constantly increasing pressure.

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Surgical and Procedural masks
Latex particulate filtration efficiency

This test measure the filtration efficiency  of materials surgical and procedural masks using latex particles

Surgical and Procedural masks
Bacterial filtration efficiency

The test measures the filtration efficiency of 3-micron-sized particles containing Staphylococcus aureus

Surgical and Procedural masks
Tensile Testing

This test measures how strong the loops on a mask are and also how much it can be stretched before it breaks

Surgical and Procedural masks
Differential pressure

This test measures the differential pressure of a procedure or surgical mask to ensure breathability

Cloth masks and barrier face coverings
ASTM F 3502-21 Standard Specification for Barrier Face Coverings

This test measures the filtration efficiency and inhalation resistance of cloth masks and barrier face coverings intended for use by the general public.

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