Advance Care Planning Workshops

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Advanced care planning educations sessions are free sessions offered to help patients start working on their own advance care plan and have conversations about their care.

It is important that you have a conversation with your loved ones and health-care provider about advance care planning while you are healthy. There may be a time when you may not be able to decide for yourself when you are very sick or near death and your loved ones won’t know what kind of care you want unless you tell them.

What to expect

Advance care planning helps you have a say about the health care you would like to receive if you get very sick and cannot speak for yourself. It is a way for you to reflect on your personal values, wishes and beliefs to make your own future health care decisions.

Your doctor and family members won’t have to guess what you would want if you are unable to communicate. 

Our Community Engagement team hosts virtual workshops a few times a year and they are facilitated by experienced Community Engagement Advisory Network (CEAN) volunteers. You and/or a family member, caregiver or friend can attend. 

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More information about advanced care planning

Adults who are able to make their own health care decisions – especially those with a chronic or complex health condition – are encouraged to start the advance care planning process.

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