Electromyography Services (EMG)

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Electromyography services (EMG) diagnose and assess problems with the muscles and nerves by testing how well your nerves respond to electrical stimulation.

What to expect

Nerve conduction studies

This test records the amount of time needed for a specific nerve to conduct an impulse from one point to another. A small electrical stimulus, which feels like a 'tap', is applied to the nerve(s) being investigated. Wires, or electrodes, that record nerve impulses are placed on the top of the skin, a short distance from where the stimulus is applied. These 'recording' electrodes pick up the signal that is sent along the nerve after it is stimulated. Magnetic stimulation may also be used to stimulate nerves that are difficult to stimulate with electrical stimulation.


This test involves the insertion of a fine, sterile needle into one or more of your muscles. You will be asked to relax and/ or contract the muscle being studied. The needle transmits the signal from the muscle to the electromyography machine where it is interpreted by the physician performing the test. NO stimulus is applied through the needle. 


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