Hyperbaric chambers allow patients to breathe 100% oxygen inside a pressurized steel chamber.

What to expect

Hyperbaric chambers are often used by people with:

  • diving-related injuries,
  • carbon monoxide poisoning (from smoke, car exhaust, faulty furnaces, or other forms of combustion),
  • arterial gas embolism (air or gas bubbles in the bloodstream),
  • gas gangrene,
  • crush injury,
  • compartment syndrome and other acute traumatic problems where blood flow is reduced or cut off,
  • exceptional blood loss anemia brain abscess (an accumulation of pus in the brain),
  • necrotizing soft tissue infections (flesh-eating disease),
  • chronic bone infection (osteomyelitis),
  • delayed radiation injury ( side effect of cancer radiotherapy),
  • skin grafts and flaps that are not healing well,
  • thermal burns (from fire or electrical sources),
  • frostbite,
  • diabetic non-healing ulcers.

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