Mary Pack Arthritis Program Travelling Clinics

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The program offers travelling occupational therapy clinics and travelling rheumatology clinics to Vancouver Island, Interior BC, Northern BC, Mid-Coast and the Sunshine Coast.

The travelling clinics are offered as part of the Mary Pack Arthritis Program.

If you are a doctor looking to refer a patient to one of the travelling clinics, please fax a completed Mary Pack Arthritis Program Referral Form to (604) 875-4321 to refer.

Travelling Rheumatology Clinics

Consultation services are offered with a rheumatologist two to four times a year as part of the Travelling Rheumatology Clinics.

A rheumatologist is a doctor who can diagnose the type of arthritis you have and work with you and your family doctor on how best to medically manage your arthritis.

Rheumatologists play a specialized role at the Mary Pack Arthritis Program. Most inflammatory arthritis patients who receive services at the Mary Pack Arthritis Program will already be under the care of their own rheumatologist. Should you require rheumatology services, your doctor can refer you to a private practice rheumatologist.

Travelling Rheumatology Clinic locations 

*Last updated February 2024

Interior of BC

  • Castlegar  
  • Trail  
  • Valemont  
  • Williams Lake

Northern BC

  • Burns Lake
  • Fraser Lake
  • Kitimat
  • New Aiyansh
  • Prince Rupert
  • Greenville
  • Stellaten
  • Tachet
  • Takla Landing
  • Terrace (Paediatric)
  • Prince George (Paedriatrics)
  • Hazelton
  • Masset
  • Queen Charlotte City 
  • Quesnel 
  • Terrace
  • Carrier Sekani
  • Fort St. James

Vancouver Island, Sunshine Coast and Mid-Coast

  • Alert Bay 
  • Bella Bella
  • Bella Coola
  • Klemtu

Referrals for the Travelling Rheumatology Clinic

A doctor’s complete referral note along with recent lab results is required for patients who want an appointment with the Travelling Rheumatologist.

If you are a physician seeking more information on these clinics and referrals, please contact the Mary Pack Arthritis Program at (604) 875-4012.

Travelling Occupational Therapy Clinics

An occupational therapist (OT) travels to the following communities in B.C. once or twice a year, depending on referral volumes:

  • Interior of BC: Williams Lake
  • Northern BC: Hazelton, Smithers, Terrace, Haida Gwaii
  • Mid-Coast: Bella Bella, Bella Coola

The OT can assist a person with arthritis who may be having difficulty managing everyday tasks. In the Travelling Occupational Therapy Clinics, OTs also help with:

  • Finding solutions to improve quality of life and independence
  • Education about  how to manage fatigue, improve sleep, and protect painful or swollen joints
  • Recommending adaptive aids and equipment
  • Making custom splints or orthotics, or suggest off-the-shelf alternatives

Referrals to the Travelling Occupational Therapy Clinics

A doctor's referral is needed for patients looking for an appointment with the Travelling Occupational Therapist. Doctors can fax a completed Mary Pack Arthritis Program Referral Form to (604) 875-4321 to refer.

Other Visiting Rheumatology Clinics

Private practice rheumatologists have made arrangements with local clinics to provide services which are held in several communities throughout British Columbia. Doctors seeking more information on these clinics should contact the respective clinic coordinator and refer the patient directly to the visiting rheumatologist. Fax numbers for sending referrals and recent lab results are provided below.

*Last updated March 2024


Phone number

Fax number





(250) 847-6234

(250) 847-6239


(250) 940-1666

(250) 940-1667

Salt Spring Island

(604) 628-2030

(604) 628 9060


(604) 885-8644

(604) 885-8655


(604) 885-8644

(604) 885-8655


(604) 984-7617

(604) 984-7672


(604) 553-0955

(604) 553-0954


(604) 602-8118

(604) 683-8150


(250) 256-4233

(250) 256-1336


(604) 875-0880

(604) 875-0890