Palliative Care in Long-Term Care Homes

Grandfather and grandson playing Xiangqi

Long-term care homes are supported by interdisciplinary care teams and healthcare providers who can offer a palliative approach to care for any resident and their family/support networks. Residents do not need to leave their care home to receive palliative care or end of life care.

What to expect

Long-term care homes provide professional care and supervision to adults in a supportive and secure environment. The services are available to people with complex care needs and physical and/or mental health conditions who cannot live safely and independently at home. 

Some long-term care homes have access to consultations with specialized palliative care teams for healthcare providers. 

How to access

For information on long-term care homes, visit the VCH long-term care page

Speak to your health-care team at your Long-Term Care home about What Matters Most to you.

Contact the specialized palliative care access line in your area for information about consultations for healthcare providers in Long-Term Care.