Winning at Losing Program

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Winning at Losing is an eight-week program led by a registered dietitian that gives practical tools for long-term weight loss success.

What to expect

Small groups of five to 10 people meet for 1.25 hours per week. Graduates of Winning at Losing are invited to attend our Continued Success program that meets every two weeks.

Tools include a resource binder for planning healthy meals:

  • The Winning at Losing guide,
  • an evaluation of your current food intake,
  • one week sample menu,
  • recipes & healthy snack ideas,
  • label reading tools,
  • fat and fibre facts, and
  • strategies to increase activity.
This service is available at
This service is available at

Winning at Losing Program at Garratt Wellness Centre

7504 Chelsea Place
Richmond, BC V7C 3S9
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