Supporting healthy eating at school

Group of children having packed lunches

Providing children with positive food experiences has been shown to promote physical and mental health. Schools play a crucial role in shaping children’s eating attitudes and behaviours and help lay the foundation for a healthy relationship with food. Students do best when they have role models and when foods offered in and outside the classrooms are consistent with healthy eating messages.

School food environments

Food culture and food systems are complex. Find out how we can support children to eat well and nurture a healthy relationship with food in school and beyond.

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School food programs

School food programs can improve access to nutritious foods at school, build food skills, and connect students to their local food systems. Research shows that providing positive exposures to growing, preparing, and eating food improves food literacy and has a lasting impact on physical and mental health.

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Teaching about food and nutrition

Learning to enjoy a variety of foods takes time and practice. Students benefit from many opportunities to build their comfort and skills with food at school, in a pressure-free environment. Food is also a powerful teaching tool with the potential for many cross-curricular connections.

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Relationship with food and body

Emphasize that students can be healthy at a variety of body sizes and shapes (e.g., display images and use resources that show individuals with different body types). Students who feel positive about their bodies find it easier to make decisions that promote good health.

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Questions and support

Public health dietitians work with public health staff, schools, and community partners to promote healthy eating environments in the school setting. For questions about this webpage, please contact Helen Yeung at Clients looking for nutrition assessment and support from a registered dietitian can call Dietitian Services at a HealthLink BC by dialling 8-1-1.

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