Two-Spirit wellness resources


Care resources and support for Indigenous people who are Two-Spirit and gender diverse.


    • 2 Spirits in Motion Society

      Organizes events for the Two-Spirit people living in British Columbia that improve their wellness.

    • Four Feathers

      The Four Feathers Society is a tribe of Aboriginals living in British Columbia who self-identify as being Two-Spirit, gay, lesbian, Transgender, Bi-sexual, Intersex, and/or Queer. The Society strives to provide opportunities to its members to strengthen and heal their spirits, hearts, minds and physical well-being.

    • Greater Vancouver Native Cultural Society (GVNCS)

      Facebook for the GVNCS – A major community leader within the 2SLGBTQAI+ Community

    • Medicine Bundle

      The Medicine Bundle program was made by and for the Two-Spirit, queer, and trans Indigenous community with the goal of creating alternate pathways to testing and sexual health resources.

    • Native Youth Sexual Health Network

      The Native Youth Sexual Health Network: a grassroots network of Indigenous youth and intergenerational relatives that works across issues around reproductive health, rights and justice

    • Two-Spirit Dry Lab

      A research group/lab that exclusively focuses on Two-Spirit People, communities and/or experiences.

    • Unya BC

      Urban Native Youth Association is the centre of Indigenous youth excellence, supporting youth on their journeys by amplifying and celebrating their voices.

    • YouthCo

      Information created by youth, as well as trusted resources and supports available from other organizations. Information and connection on topics and experiences related to HIV, Hep C, sexual health, and community care.

    • Gender-affirming health benefits for Indigenous clients seeking care

      The document support tool may provide helpful information for people on eligible gender-affirming health-care benefits through First Nations Health Authority (FNHA), Non-Insured Health Benefits, or their band.

    • Indigenous gender diversity course: Resources for further learning

      Trans Care BC encourages everyone to continue learning about Indigenous gender diversity and the broader scope of Two-Spirit cultures, identities, and roles in various Indigenous Nations.

What is Two-Spirit?

A culturally specific term used within some Indigenous communities, encompassing sexual, gender, cultural and/or spiritual identity. 

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"What is and who is Two-Spirit?" in Health Research by Canadian Institutes of Health Research

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Gender and sexual identity are integral parts of who we are and we have a number of services to support the unique health care needs of the 2SLGBTQIA+ community.

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