VGH Simulation Centre fees

Costs and fees for room bookings and other services offered at the VGH Simulation Centre

Fee definitions

No Fee: Internal usage - VCH & UBC FoM when there is no financial transaction in relation to the course, such as no charge to their participants or
financial sponsors. Applies only to bookings within regular centre hours.

Discount: For cost-recovery events where charging is a variable fee to cover its expenses only (instructor wages, meals, etc.) that are shared
amongst participants/sponsors (no profit margin). Also used for any health authority/government bookings.

Standard: Any for-profit events where participants are charged a fee where the total revenue is above that of total costs (i.e., profits). Also, for UBC CPD, business-related events, or non-government organization bookings.

Room rentals

Mon - Fri 0800 - 1600hrs excluding STATs and Holidays

Room No fee Discount Standard

Breakout Room

Breakout Rooms include the Computer Skills Lab and HPS

No charge $75/day $150/day
Lecture Theatre/Wet Lab (For Simulation/Lecture) No charge $300/day $600/day

Specimen Services - Includes room, 1 staff support, special setups, general
cleaning and supplies, one load of regular instrument cleaning, safety briefing &
monitoring, and AV support.

An additional payment for an extra staff member is required with any cadaver
pickup preparation and cleanup (min. 4 hours)

$500/ 4 hours

$500/ 4 hours


Additional services

Service Fee
After hours bookings Room rental + after hour rate + staffing rate
Extensions (in-hour bookings that need adjustments to start/wrap time) After hour rate + staffing rate
After hours rate $75/hour charged in 30min blocks
Staffing rate (Min. 4 hours when exclusively outside business hours) $65/hour

VGH SIM Specimen Lab

Service Fee
Anatomical / non-anatomical waste $50/bucket
Chemical waste $200 (First 2 buckets), $100/bucket thereafter
Additional instrument cleaning $75/load over the initial first load
Special specimen, equipment or supply orders Cost recovery