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<div class="ExternalClass9A02CB411A1F41C993E3272592D78ED6"><p>​This 21-bed hospital provides general medicine and surgery, obstetrics, palliative care, physiotherapy, pharmacy, diagnostic imaging, laboratory, ambulatory care, chemotherapy, emergency.</p><h2>Privacy</h2><p>Patients and their immediate family members can request that no information be disclosed to callers or anyone but authorized medical health care providers.</p></div>38140 Behrner Drive(604) 892-9417<div class="ExternalClass84568EC84ADB4C768A96E8C6A31D2601"><p>​Visiting Hours: Monday - Sunday, Noon - 8 p.m.<br>Maternity Visiting Hours (no children under 14, except siblings), Monday - Sunday, 7 p.m. - 8 p.m.</p></div>(604) 892-5211V8B 0J3BC<div class="ExternalClassAC11D98109324CF49D0A02E5A8F03877"><p>​Accessible by public transit and free parking is available.</p></div>49.698785,-123.14145000000002<div class="ExternalClass5A1F3622F1BE414BAA0F619EAC20E429"><p>​<a href="/your-care/hospital-care">Visit the Hospital care section</a> on our website for more information on bringing personal ID, personal belongings, hospital rooms and meals, patient services you can access and more.</p></div>Squamish General Hospital

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