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<div class="ExternalClass74D6C1293A5A49FA823E7D08236A2A4A"><p></p><p>Who We Are</p><p>The Pacific Voice Clinic, directed by Dr. Murray Morrison, houses a variety of medical and paramedical specialists who are highly trained and interested in problems of the voice and larynx (voice box).This includes speech-language pathologists; medical specialists with advanced training in problems of the "Ears, Nose and Throat" (called Otolaryngologists), psychiatrists, neurologists; and singing teacher specialists.</p><p>What We Do</p><p>Because in-depth and high-technology procedures are undertaken in the Voice Clinic, it also houses up-to-date equipment for assessing, diagnosing and treating people with voice problems.</p><p>What is Our Purpose?</p><p>The PVCRP was initiated in June 1993, for the benefit of British Columbians suffering voice and speech disorders. The purpose of the PVCRP is 3-fold:</p><div><ul><li>To provide high quality community-based clinical services to British Columbians suffering voice problems, in an efficacious and cost-effective manner.<br></li><li>To increase the knowledge and skill level of speech-language pathologists throughout B.C. in the area of voice disorders.<br></li><li>To manage the Fred Gingell Memorial Stuttering Treatment Support Program.<br></li></ul></div></div>2775 Laurel Street(604) 875-5382<div class="ExternalClass685DC2B425264E5294F75C9AAFB05344"></div><p>Monday, 1 p.m. - 4 p.m.;<br>Tuesday - Thursday, 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.</p>(604) 875-4204V5Z 1M9BC<div class="ExternalClass9F44346CD56448AB90AEEAFB4980C77D"><p>Underground parking is available. Additionally there is limited street parking.</p><p><br></p></div>49.2611808,-123.1254002<div class="ExternalClassF3C3F7AEAFE54AB6B1E3B17720C566D6"><p></p><p>Referral required</p></div>The Clinic is located on the 4th Floor.Vancouver General Hospital - Gordon and Leslie Diamond Health Care Centre

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