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Downtown Eastside health strategy


In 2013/2014 we consulted with Downtown Eastside (DTES) community members, VCH staff and agencies to find out how services could be improved on the DTES. More than 65 ideas were submitted through our “Invitation to Innovate” process. This input is reflected in the DTES Second Generation Strategy Design Paper released in February 2015 to address the evolving needs of people living on Vancouver’s DTES.

Guiding documents

VCH has created a number of guiding documents to help us and our community partners better serve people facing marginalization. Built through multistakeholder groups involving peers, clinicians, community members, and VCH staff, these documents were developed to support the DTES Second Generation Strategy, but have applicability beyond the DTES to any service, from conception to planning to contracts and operations, that seeks to support vulnerable people. Please send any questions or comments to

DTES Peer Framework

DTES Washroom Design and Use Recommendations

DTES Food Framework

VCH Food Standards

VCH Food Standards 1-pager

VCH Peer Advisor Readiness Tool

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Downtown Eastside health services

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