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Report card

Our Health Care Report Card measures our performance against our strategic goals. It is designed to show where we are doing well and where we are working to make improvements.

The report card results are grouped by our strategic goals. Read the full report card or take a look at the tables below for a summary.

Get a snapshot of our performance

The full report card includes more information about the measures: what we’re measuring, why it matters, how we measure it, how we're doing, what we're doing to maintain or improve performance and if applicable, how you can help.

Our Health Care Report Card – July 2019

Our Health Care Report Card - April 2019

Our Health Care Report Card - December 2018

Our Health Care Report Card - November 7, 2018

Our Health Care Report Card - September 10, 2018

Our Health Care Report Card - March 9, 2018

Report card summary

=Within Target =Within 10% of target =Outside target by more than 10%

Pay for performance - live measures

 Emergency patients admitted to hospital within 10 hours
 Discharged long length of stay patient days
 Current long length of stay patient days
 Average inpatient days
[No Data] Completed multidisciplinary mortality reviews

Deliver a system of responsive and effective health care services across VCH

 Scheduled surgeries waiting longer than 26 weeks
 Scheduled surgeries completed within 26 weeks
Percentage of mental health and substance use patients readmitted
 Alternate level of care (ALC) stay days as a proportion of total stay days
 Average hospital days in the last 6 months of life for clients known to VCH community programs

Provide the best care

 Clostridium difficile infection rate
Care sensitive adverse events (per 1,000 inpatient cases)
 Hand hygiene compliance

Develop the best workforce

 Sick time rate
 Overtime rate
 Acute productive hours per patient day

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