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Children with medical conditions in Vancouver schools

Vancouver school health manual - Section 14

Children with medical conditions such as seizures, asthma or diabetes should have a care plan completed and stored at the school. Parents, schools and the school public health nurse all have a role to play in keeping children safe and healthy.
Vancouver school health manual - Section 14: Children with medical conditions

Role of parents

  • Make the school aware of their child’s medical condition and provide updates if this condition changes.
  • Assist the school in completing a care plan for their child.
  • Provide appropriate medications both for management and emergency and determine a plan with the school about where and how these should be kept and administered.

Role of schools

  • Keep a record of students who have identified medical conditions
  • Ensure that care plans for students with medical conditions are updated regularly
  • Consult with your school’s public health nurse if you have questions about a care plan for a student
  • Ensure that appropriate staff are trained for glucagon administration

Role of VCH

  • Act as a resource and consultant regarding complex care plans.
  • Assist with referrals to appropriate professionals or organizations as needed.

Care plan templates and resources

Asthma care plan
Care plan template - Please use this blank care plan in consultation with parents and health care professionals only.
Diabetes medical administration form
Diabetes support plan and medical alert information
Seizure care plan
Ministry of Education - Diabetes resources & support

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