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Opened in 2003, located in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, Insite is North America’s first legal supervised injection site, operating under a constitutional exemption to the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act.

Vancouver Coastal Health operates, and provides all the funding, senior administrative and health care workers for the facility. We get the bulk of our funding from the BC Ministry of Health Services. We contract PHS Community Services Society to provide administrative and peer support services at Insite.

Part of a continuum of services for people with chronic drug addiction

Insite was designed to be accessible to injection drug users who are not well connected to health care services. It's part of a continuum of care for people with addiction, mental illness and HIV/AIDS.

Insite is the first rung on the ladder from chronic drug addiction to possible recovery; from being ill to becoming well.

Many of our clients are older and have been using drugs for a long time. Their long-term drug use and chaotic lives have seriously compromised their overall health. About half of the people who use Insite are marginalized, which means they are homeless or living in shelters or have significant mental health issues.

Through Insite, clients develop trusting relationships with our health care and social workers, making them more likely to pursue withdrawal management (detox), addiction counselling and other addiction treatment services.

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View Insite's services & locations directory page.

For clinical and non-media inquiries

Vancouver Mental Health and Addiction Services
Subject line: Insite

Media inquiries

Anna Marie D'Angelo, Senior Media Relations Officer
Phone: (604) 708-5340
Cell: (604) 790-4763

Supervised injection quick facts

Visit our User Statistics page to find out how many clients we have, how many clients we see each day, how often they are referred to other social services like addiction treatment, and see our operating budget.

Visit BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS for specific articles and research about Insite.

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