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Insite user statistics

More than 3.6 million clients have injected illicit drugs under supervision by nurses at Insite since 2003. There have been 48,798 clinical treatment visits and 6,440 overdose interventions without any deaths.

Public Health Emergency declared

A Public Health Emergency was declared in B.C. on April 14, 2016 in response to the opioid overdose crisis.
  • Before the Public Health Emergency declared: There were 30 overdose interventions a MONTH.
  • After the Public Health Emergency declared: There are now eight overdose interventions a DAY.

2016 user statistics

(January 1 – December 31, 2016) 

  • 214,898 visits by 8,040 individuals
  • An average of 75 visits per day to the  needle exchange service
  • An average of 514 injection room visits per day
  • 1,781 overdose interventions
  • 4,503 clinical treatment interventions
  • Substances reported used were heroin (60.2% of instances) methamphetamine (21.7% of instances) and cocaine (6.5% of instances).
  • 27.2% of participants were women
  • 17.9% of participants were aboriginal
  • 5,321 referrals to other social and health services
Last updated June 2017

Previous statistics

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