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Insite user statistics


To date there are 18,093 registrants with 3,476,722 visits. There have been 40,245 clinical treatment visits and 4,922 overdose interventions without any deaths.

2015 user statistics

  • 263,713 visits to the site by 6,532 unique individuals
  • An average of 722 visits per day
  • An average of 440 injection room visits per day
  • 768 overdose incidents
  • 5,359 clinical treatment interventions
  • Principle substances reported were heroin (54% of instances) methamphetamine (23% of instances) and cocaine (10% of instances).
  • 27% of participants were women
  • 20% of participants were aboriginal
  • 5,368 referrals to other social and health services
  • 464 referrals to Onsite detox

We connect clients with needed services

Insite counsellors make thousands of referrals to other social and health service agencies, the vast majority of which are for detox and addiction treatment. The calendar year 2015 saw more than 464 admissions from Insite into Onsite, the adjoining detox treatment facility, which recorded a program completion rate of 54% or 252 clients.


Insite and Onsite budget figures for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2016:
  • Insite's operational budget was $2,938,665.
  • Onsite's operational budget was $1,454,351.
  • Most of Vancouver Coastal Health's total expenditures on addictions are used for treatment and prevention. Although harm reduction is an important service to link clients to abstinence programs.
  • Vancouver Coastal Health spent $231 million in 2015/16 for mental health and substance use community services, of which Insite/Onsite are small programs.
*Overdose interventions include allergic reactions to full cardiac arrests. Insite nurses administer naloxone immediately to reverse the effects of an opioid overdose.
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