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Child care licensing

A community care facilities licence is required for all programs and facilities providing care to three or more children who are not related to the operator by blood or marriage.

Licensed child care facilities inspections

We conduct regular inspections of licensed child care facilities.  An inspection report is provided to the facility afterwards that outlines their compliance with the requirements of the Community Care and Assisted Living Act and the Child Care Licensing Regulations. For inspections in Vancouver, Richmond, North Shore, Sunshine Coast, and Sea to Sky, visit the Inspection Reports website below. If you have questions, read the inspection FAQs

Find child care inspection reports

Licensed child care facility complaint investigations

In addition to regular inspections, Licensing Officers are responsible for investigating complaints that are related to licensed child care facilities. A summary of all substantiated complaints can be found below. 

Download child care complaint investigation summary report

Unlawful child care facilities

An unlawful child care facility is one in which unlicensed care is being provided to 3 or more children not related by blood or marriage to the operator of the facility. A list of all unlawful child care facilities found to be operating in Vancouver, Richmond, North Shore, Sunshine Coast, and Sea to Sky regions can be accessed using the link below. 

Download list of unlawful child care facilities

Factsheet series for child care facility operators, architects and designers: Considerations for Selecting, Designing and Operating Child Care Facilities

Extreme heat and child care facilities

Lead testing of drinking water

Noise pollution and child care facilities

Traffic-related air pollution and child care facilities

Wildfire smoke and child care facilities

Child care resources 

Child Care in BC - Government of BC website

Child Care Outdoor Space & Equipment Safety Check (template) - This resource is intended for child care licensees as a template for creating a child care outdoor space and equipment safety checklist.

Child care physical plant application guide

Design resource for child care facilities

Emergency consent form (child) 

Preparing a child care facility for wildfire smoke

Preparing a child care facility for heat

  • Group Child Care (under 36 months)

  • Group Child Care (30 months to school age)

  • Preschool (30 months to school age): Up to 4 hours of care per day to children who are at least 30 months old on entrance to the program and 36 months old by December 31 of the year of entrance.

  • Group Child Care (school age): Care before or after school or during periods of school closure to children who attend school, including kindergarten.

  • Multi-Age Child Care: Care to 8 children of various ages.

  • Family Child Care: Care for up to 7 children in the licensee’s personal home and where the licensee personally provides the care.

  • In-Home Multi-Age Care: Care for up to 8 children in the licensee’s personal home and where the licensee personally provides the care.

  • Occasional Child Care: No more than 40 hours in a month to children who are at least 18 months old.

  • Child-minding: a child care program under contract to the government that provides services to immigrants.

Intended for use by health care professionals and licensed child care group daycare operators. Recommendations of the Medical Health Officer for the prevention and control of viral gastroenteritis outbreaks and should be used as a resource to develop or augment existing childcare outbreak protocols.

VCH Child Care GI Outbreak Policy - September 2012

Child Care GI Outbreak Surveillance Form

Licensed Child Care - VCH Enteric Outbreak Summary Form

VCH Public Health Facility GI Outbreak Summary Form 

Health Care Facility - VCH Enteric Outbreak Summary Form

Pandemic Response Planning Checklist - A checklist for child care facilities in the event of an influenza pandemic

Child care facilities safe & healthy food

Food Flair™ - Information about nutrition, healthy eating, recipes and fun activities to do with children. Download the Food Flair Resource Manual

Prepare to Care - Child Care - Tools to help you create a comprehensive emergency plan.

Child Care Emergency Response Plan Template - Microsoft Word template to draft or supplement your child care emergency plan. 

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