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Residential care licensing

A community care facilities licence is required for all facilities providing care to three or more persons who are not related to the operator by blood or marriage.

Types of licensed residential care facilities

  1. Hospice

  2. Mental health

  3. Long term care

  4. Community living

  5. Acquired injury

  6. Child and youth residential care

  7. Substance use

Residential care inspections

We conduct regular inspections of licensed care facilities. An inspection report is provided to the facility after each inspection that outlines their compliance with the requirements of the Community Care and Assisted Living Act and the Residential Care Regulations. With the exception of child and youth residential care and community living homes, residential care facilities are required to post our most recent routine inspection report.

For inspections in Vancouver, Richmond, North Shore, Sunshine Coast, and Sea to Sky:

Go to the VCH Inspection Reports website

Licensed residential care facility complaint investigations

In addition to regular inspections, Licensing Officers are responsible for investigating complaints that are related to licensed residential care facilities. A summary of all substantiated complaints can be found below. 

Download residential care complaint investigation summary report 

Unlawful residential care facilities

An unlawful residential care facility is one in which unlicensed care is being provided to 3 or more persons not related by blood or marriage to the operator of the facility. A list of all unlawful residential care facilities found to be operating in Vancouver, Richmond, North Shore, Sunshine Coast, and Sea to Sky regions can be accessed using the link below. 

Download list of unlawful residential care facilities 

What do licensing officers look for during inspections?

During inspections, licensing officers look for items typically divided into ten broad categories:

  1. Physical facility, equipment and furnishings

  2. Staffing

  3. Policies and procedures

  4. Care and/or supervision

  5. Nutrition and food services

  6. Medication

  7. Hygiene and communicable disease control

  8. Records and reporting

  9. Licensing administration

  10. Program

All contraventions identified during inspections are followed up by a VCH licensing officer to ensure ongoing compliance with the act and regulations.

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