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Pregnancy & early childhood

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Pregnancy, childbirth and new parenthood can bring physical and emotional changes for the entire family. Knowing what supports are available, and where to get that support, can make these changes easier to handle.


As you prepare to start this exciting new chapter in your life, we’re here to help you with information on:

New parents & baby

Through our public health nurses, VCH offers a full range of supports for new parents & baby including:

Infants to 18 months

As your baby grows and reaches new milestones, you may have questions on a wide range of topics that we can help with. We’ve got plenty of information on your infant to 18-month-old child including:


As your toddler grows and becomes more independent, you may want information or have questions about things such as:


With your preschooler starting to take an active role in the daily routine and helping build strong family relationships, you may want information or have questions about things such as:

Resources & services

There are numerous community resources that can help keep you healthy and safe during your pregnancy. Find out the resources available in your community to help you learn more about caring for your baby.

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