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Pregnancy & early childhood

Pregnancy, childbirth and new parenthood bring physical and emotional changes. Knowing what to expect can make these changes easier to handle and enjoy.

Parent and child services include prenatal and newborn follow-up, child health clinics, parent-infant drop-in groups, audiology, dental,  and speech/language services for children up to age five. Our services are generally free-of-charge to people living in the VCH region, although some programs have eligibility criteria like age and income.

Services for expectant parents

If you're pregnant and want support, call 1 (855) 550-2229 or download the prenatal online submission form and email it to Access our public health nurses services, so we can help you be healthy and safe during your pregnancy, help you learn about feeding and caring for your baby, and help you find community resources that are right for you.

Pregnancy supports for youth 

Services for new parents & babies

  • Mothers who give birth in a hospital will receive a phone call from a public health nurse within 24-48 hours after discharge from hospital.

  • Mothers who receive care from a midwife will receive care in the first few days from their midwife and will be contacted  by a public health nurse within six to eight weeks. 

  • If you are not contacted, you can find your local health unit and give them a call. 

  • For additional information on caring for yourself and your baby, visit our parenting website

Parenting resources

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