Food Safety

We inspect food establishments and educate people about food safety

Food Safety

Our public health inspectors, also known as environmental health officers, conduct more than 16,000 inspections of restaurants, food facilities and stores annually. We also educate food handlers and consumers about safe food handling practices.

About inspections

Inspections are conducted on a regular basis and when complaints are received. Each visit generates an inspection report that is provided to the operator to either confirm that they are compliant with regulations, or to inform them that they are required to address deficiencies.

Find restaurant closures

Find out what restaurants and other food establishments have been closed: Visit the Restaurant Closures page.

Find inspection reports

Our Inspection Reports website has been upgraded to better serve our community. 

For inspections dated from April 24, 2015 and on:

For inspections dated prior to April 24, 2015:

Food safety update

For operators of food service establishments to keep up to date on food safety, regulations and foodborne illness.

More resources

Visit the Food Safety Resources page for more information.

Educational materials and posters

Hand washing posters are available on the Communicable Diseases - Educational Materials page.

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Report concerns about a restaurant or a case of food poisoning on our Feedback page.