Sea to sky highway

Our Senior Executive Team includes our Chief Executive Officer, Vivian Eliopoulos and three teams: Operations, Corporate and Clinical Leadership.

    • Vivian Eliopoulos

      President & Chief Executive Officer

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    • Bob Chapman

      Vice President, Vancouver Community

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    • Michelle de Moor

      Vice President, Vancouver Acute

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    • Gail Malenstyn

      Vice President, Richmond Acute

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    • Jo-Ann Tait

      Vice President, Richmond Community

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    • Darlene MacKinnon

      Vice President, Coastal Community

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    • Charlene Chiang

      Vice President, Communications, Equity and Partnerships

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    • Fernando Pica

      Chief Financial Officer & Vice President, Strategic Business Services

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    • Darcia Pope

      Vice President, Strategy, Innovation & Planetary Health

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    • Wayne Balshin

      Vice President, People

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    • Shannon McCarthy

      Interim Vice President, Indigenous Health

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    • Lorraine Blackburn

      Vice President, Professional Practice, Chief Nursing & Allied Health Officer, Chief Clinical Information Officer

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    • Dr. Patricia Daly

      Vice President, Public Health & Chief Medical Health Officer

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    • Yasmin Jetha

      Vice President, Community Services

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    • Dr. Chad Kim Sing

      Interim Vice President, Medicine

    • Dr. Matthew Kwok

      Interim Vice President, Quality and Safety

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Board of directors

Our board of directors is responsible for setting VCH’s Vision, Mission and Values, and the strategic direction of the organization.

Health Authority Medical Advisory Committee

HAMAC provides advice to our Board of Directors and the CEO on the provision of healthcare, education, and research in our facilities, programs, and areas.