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Salary Adjustment

As part of the new agreement are general wage increases for employees:

  • April 1, 2022 – an additional $0.25 per hour, plus a 3.24% increase
  • April 1, 2023 – a 5.5% increase and up to 1.25% cost of living adjustment (COLA)
  • April 1, 2024 – a guaranteed 2% increase and up to 1% COLA

Shift premiums

  Effective Feb. 3, 2023
Weekend shift premium + $2.30 per hour
On-call premium + $5.95 per hour
Short notice premium + $2.00 per hour
Super shift premium + $1.00 per hour
Night shift premium + $3.50 per hour


Continuous Learning

We offer education reimbursement of up to $1,000 CDN and 37.5 hours of paid educational leave, allowing you to take courses without compromising your work commitments.

Statutory Holidays

In recognition of the thirteenth statutory holiday, National Day of Truth and Reconciliation, stat pay in lieu for part-time and casual employees increases to 5.0%.

Increased vacation and sick time

The Annual Vacation Entitlement has increased from 144 to 150 hours (first 4 years, and then from 144 to 157.5 after 5 years). Sick Leave is now at 11.25 working hours sick leave credit per month to a maximum of 1170 working hours.

New paid leaves for Indigenous employees

Ceremonial, Cultural, Spiritual and Bereavement Leave for Indigenous Employees

  • Allows Indigenous employees the ability to exercise their rights to manifest, practice, develop and teach their ceremonial, cultural or spiritual traditions
  • Effective April 1, 2023 – up to five (5) days paid leave per calendar year
  • Indigenous employees may request additional unpaid leave, use available vacation, or draw on banked overtime to participate in the event(s)
  • Employer must not unreasonably deny additional leave

Gender inclusion/gender-affirming support including transition leave

Individual transition or gender support plan at the request of the employee.

  • Transition Leave – up to eight (8) weeks of paid leave for medical procedures required
  • Ensure single-occupant bathrooms/change rooms are accessible to employees of any gender expression or identity
  • Confirm the accessibility of single-occupant bathrooms (where they exist) with the NBA within six (6) months of ratification
  • Provide signage welcoming all genders

Reimbursement of Criminal Record Check expense incurred as a condition of employment

  • includes fees and fingerprinting (if applicable)
  • not pro-rated
  • applicable to casual employees

QNR retro pay

QNR (Qualified Not Registered) retro pay extended to the date of hire (previously date of registration).

  • Period of time to be paid retroactively after registration extended from 6 months to 12 months
  • Period of retroactivity extended to the date of hire rather than the date of registration


A new reclassification system will be phased in during the term of the collective agreement, and attached to the general wage increase (GWI), as per Appendix 21:

  • April 1, 2022 – Grade I to II: 33.96 percent of the difference between the base salary structure and the target salary structure, applied concurrently with GWI as part of the wage schedule
  • April 1, 2023 – Grade I to II: 65.52 percent of the difference between the base salary structure and the target salary structure, applied concurrently with GWI as part of the wage schedule
  • April 1, 2024 – Reclassification to the new system

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