First Nations ReAct

The materials are intended to be used to facilitate dialogues, workshops and education events to raise awareness and coordinate community responses to abuse and neglect of older or vulnerable adults.

The following education and practice support materials are for educators, facilitators, Community Health and Human Service Workers, First Nations Community Members, Health Authority Staff, Community Response Network Members, and a wide range of adult learners to understand the complex dynamic of abuse, neglect and self-neglect of vulnerable adults and older adult in First Nations communities.

National First Nations ReAct Manual

National First Nations ReAct Manual (English) and National First Nations ReAct Manual (French) - Interactive PDF manual for workers who are responding to situations of suspected abuse, neglect or self-neglect. Laws and resources related to guardianship, adult protection and incapability are complex and different in each province/territory. Information specific to each jurisdiction can be found by clicking on the corresponding section of the Canada maps located throughout the manual.


With Love and Respect (English) and With Love and Respect (French) - 3 part dramatization that introduces the concept of Coordinated Community Response Networks in First Nations communities. It can be used to raise awareness and stimulate dialogue on the issues. 5 minutes. 

John's Story (English) and John's Story (French) - John has been having health problems and his son Charlie resents being his caregiver. The situation becomes unsafe for John and the community workers. 10 minutes.

Mary's Story (English) and Mary's Story (French) - A situation of financial and physical abuse that lands Mary in hospital where she is fearful and ashamed and doesn't want anyone to know what happened. Learn how Mary is able to make her own decisions and life changes with the support of a health care team that allows her to recover and explore her options at her own pace. 9 minutes.

Dr. S. Calliou (English) and Dr. S. Calliou (French) - Dr. S. Calliou, Michel Band, is interviewed by Colleen Stewart, Social Worker with Vancouver Coastal Health. Dr. Calliou shares stories of courageous women who have faced adversity and abuse and her thoughts on what it means to be self-determining and safe. 6 minutes.

Alison Leaney and April Struthers (English) and Alison Leaney and April Struthers (French)  - Discussing Community Response Networks and the importance of being unified and coordinated as a social movement.

Chief Robert Joseph (English) and Chief Robert Joseph (French) - Personal insight about the very important issue of abuse of Elders in First Nations communities.

BC First Nations ReAct Manual

First Nations Manual - Interactive PDF e-manual includes: chapters of the manual, videos, animated case studies, links to other resources, tools & templates, as well as an on-line quiz. Users can complete the quiz as often as they wish to achieve a 100% score and generate a certificate of achievement.

Media clips

Amanda Brown - BC Adult Guardianship Act and the role of a Designated Agency - Amanda Brown, Director ReAct Project provides an overview of the BC Adult Guardianship Act and the role of a Designated Agency.

Chief Joseph - Breaking the silence about elder abuse - The Thunderbird image was inspired by the Life and Work of Chief Robert Joseph. Chief Joseph’s traditional name is Kwun Kwun Wha Lee Gei Gee (Big Thunderbird), and he is a Hereditary Chief of the Gwa wa enuk First Nation. In this video, Chief Joseph talks about the importance of breaking the silence about elder abuse.

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