Hellomynameis campaign

The #hellomynameis (HMNI) campaign was initiated in the UK by Dr. Kate Granger, a physician battling terminal cancer, who noticed what a huge difference introductions by health care providers had on her experience. Since 2019, VCH has joined countries across the globe in celebrating this day, July 23, and spreading Kate's message. While July 23 marks International #hellomynameis Day, the goal at Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH) is to embed these conversations into everyday practice.

One VCH and #hellomynameis

Improving the patient experience at VCH is key to our core values of caring for everyone, ensuring we are always learning and striving for better results. The #hellomynameis campaign allows us to come together as a team and partner with our patients, clients, residents and care partners to optimize their experience and work towards exceptional care.

Simple introductions

The #hellomynameis campaign is about putting compassionate practice at the heart of health care by taking the time to connect with our patients, clients, residents and care partners with three easy steps:

  1. Remembering to introduce ourselves to patients, clients, residents and care partners and each other.
  2. Letting the person know our role and what we are about to do.
  3. Before leaving, asking the person “Is there anything else I can do for you?”

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VCH - Hello My Name Is Campaign