Meet the BC OSI Team

The BC OSI Clinic team includes psychologists, psychiatrists, a social worker, a nurse, a research assistant, a program secretary and a manager.

The team works within a model of collaborative interprofessional care, which means that a client may have more than one discipline involved throughout their assessment and treatment process. Most clients will see many members of the OSI Clinic team at some point.

Decisions regarding treatment are made collaboratively with the team, who consults on a regular basis throughout the client's involvement with the clinic. The collaborative interprofessional approach also creates the opportunity for clients to receive more than one type of treatment (for example, individual and couples therapy) at the same time. This ensures that care is both comprehensive and individualized for each client's specific need.

BC OSI staff

  • Cori Ross, Director
  • Leo O’Rourke, Manager
  • Bhavini Morar, Administrative Supervisor

Clinical staff


  • Rose Auyeng, Clinical Counsellor
  • Myfanwy Bakker, Psychologist
  • Kristjana Cameron, Psychiatrist
  • Peter Chan, Psychiatrist
  • Caroline Cho, Psychiatrist
  • David Cohen, Psychiatrist
  • Robert Comey, Psychiatrist
  • Eleanor Donegan, Psychologist
  • Margaret Drewlo, Psychologist
  • George Hadjipavlou, Psychiatrist
  • Jason Knapp, Social Worker
  • Steeve Lepage, Clinical Coordinator
  • Wenting Liao, Clinical Counsellor
  • Larry Ong, Psychiatrist
  • Alex Pang, Nurse
  • Sandy Patola-Moosmann, Clinical Counsellor
  • Mark Pattison, Psychiatrist
  • Raj Rai, Nurse
  • Stephen Sutherland, Nurse
  • Magdalena Sweetgrass, Social Worker
  • Julia Ting, Psychologist
  • Loveleen Uppal, Psychiatrist
  • Wahan Wanis,Psychiatrist
  • Lucy Xie,Social Worker
  • Angelina Yiu, Psychologist


  • Jennifer Bourassa, Social Worker
  • Magdalena Casagrande,Psychiatrist
  • John Cook, Social Worker
  • Brad Hallam, Psychologist
  • Craig Norris, Social Worker
  • Ruth Stewart, Psychiatrist
  • Laura Walzak, Psychologist


  • Verena Langheimer, Psychiatrist

The BC Operational Stress Injury Clinic (BC OSI Clinic) is one of nine clinics across Canada fully funded by Veterans Affairs Canada. The BC OSI Clinic is managed by Vancouver Coastal Health Authority and staffed by mental health care professionals who work collaboratively to provide specialized care.

BC Operational Stress Injury Clinic