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BC Operational Stress Injury Clinic provides comprehensive clinical assessment and treatment services for veterans, active RCMP and Military who are challenged with mental health conditions related to an operational stress injury (OSI).

BC OSI Clinic offers an outpatient program where clients who live with mental health conditions related to an OSI can find comprehensive clinical assessment and treatment services under one roof.​

What to expect

To determine clients' specific needs, the BC OSI Clinic performs a review of prior assessment and treatment information, along with a thorough current assessment.

The BC OSI Clinic treats referred residents of British Columbia and Yukon who are Veterans, members of the Canadian Forces (Regular and Reserve), and members of the RCMP who have an Operational Stress Injury. The Clinic also provides treatment to clients' family members where appropriate.

The team involves clients in setting goals and making treatment decisions, giving them the opportunity to engage in evidence-based treatment tailored to their individual needs.

Clients will remain in active treatment and receive follow-up for their OSI as clinically indicated. If clients authorize the BC OSI Clinic, the clinic will also collaborate with and support family physicians and other health professionals involved in clients' care.

Learn more about operational stress injury.


    • OSI Connect (phone app)

      Resources incudes information on post-traumatic stress and triggers, depression, anger, sleep problems, substance abuse, stress management and more.

    • Operational Stress Social Support (OSISS) Program

      provides confidential peer support and social support to CF members, Veterans and their families affected by operational stress injuries such as anxiety, depression or PTSD resulting from military service.

    • Sesame Street for Military Families


  • Intake

    Once the BC OSI Clinic receives a referral, the intake coordinator will review the referral for appropriateness and ensure all documentation is complete. The intake coordinator will arrange a telephone intake meeting for the client with a nurse clinician for additional information*. This can include: 

    • The reason for the referral to the BC OSI Clinic from the client’s perspective;
    • A brief history of professional service (i.e. deployments, military or policing service);
    • Social support, past and present professional help;
    • History of the client’s illness;
    • Current main problems;
    • Current stressors;
    • Client’s expectations and client availability.

    * An in-person appointment can be arranged if desired by the client.

    • Comprehensive assessment

      Once the referral is accepted, the client will participate in a psychological and/or psychiatric assessment. The assessment serves a dual purpose; to confirm mental health challenges and help determine the most suitable evidence-based treatment options for the client. Assessment results are reviewed with clients, and they are encouraged to ask questions and seek clarification. As part of the client's assessment, we review available client records provided by the referral source and previous or current treatment providers.

      Location for assessment

      Clients will undergo their assessment either virtually or in-person at one of the BC OSI Clinic sites. The assessment is determined by several factors, including clinical indicators, client preferences and logistical considerations.

    • Treatment plan developed

      Once an assessment is complete, recommendations are made in collaboration with the client. The client’s care is directed to the most appropriate health professional(s) within the BC OSI Clinic or in the community.

    Treatment & support

    • Primary services

      The BC OSI Clinic's mission is to provide assessment, evidence-based treatment, outreach and research. Services include:

      • Comprehensive assessment of OSIs
      • Evidence-based OSI treatment with specialized individual, group, and couples’ therapy, as well as pharmacotherapy
      • Education to veterans, military members, and their families, as well as to other professionals and the general public
    • Family support

      The BC OSI Clinic may provide mental health services to the families of OSI clients if clinically indicated.

    How to access

    All clients must be referred to the BC OSI Clinic by Veteran Affairs Canada, Canadian Forces or RCMP.

    Regular and Reserve Members of the Canadian Forces 

    • Speak with Veterans Affairs Canada National Client Contact Centre at: English: 1-866-522-2122 French: 1-866-522-2022

    Current members of the RCMP

    • Speak with your Health Services Officer or RCMP Psychologist.

    Retired Canadian Forces or retired RCMP

    • Speak with your Medical Officer or Social Worker on the Base to discuss your concern.

    If you need assistance in obtaining a referral, please call the Operational Stress Injury Social Support (OSISS) Program at 1-800-883-6094 or call the BC OSI Clinic (604) 331-8990.

    About us

    • BC Operational Stress Injury Clinic

      The BC Operational Stress Injury Clinic (BC OSI Clinic) is one of nine clinics across Canada fully funded by Veterans Affairs Canada. The BC OSI Clinic is managed by Vancouver Coastal Health Authority and staffed by mental health care professionals who work collaboratively to provide specialized care.

    Opened in February 2009, the Clinic is an outpatient program where clients with mental health conditions related to an operational stress injury (OSI) and their families can find comprehensive clinical assessment and treatment services under one roof.

    For more information about the Operational Stress Injury Clinics network, visit OSI Clinics - Veterans Affairs Canada.

    Learn more about the team behind this program. Meet the BC OSI team.

    Contact us

    If you have general inquiries, please call the main number at (604) 331-8990  or email bcosi@vch.ca.

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