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Mental health and substance use

Mental health and substance use services are available to provide support, services and resources to people across the Vancouver Coastal Health region.

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Need help immediately?

If there is an urgent safety concern, please call 9-1-1 or go to emergency at your nearest hospital.

Suicide prevention hotline: 1-800-784-2433

Call BC Crisis Line: 604-310-6789

Kids Help Phone: 1-800-668-6868

BC Wide Indigenous Toll-Free Crisis and Support Line - KUU-US Crisis Support Line: 1-800-588-8717

Harm reduction: Toward the Heart 

Find mental health and/or substance use support near you

Learn how to access mental health and substance use services in your Vancouver Coastal Health community, whether you live in Bella Bella, Richmond, Vancouver, or in any other community we serve.

Our teams are available to help you, your family member or friend to find help with mental health and substance use. 

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Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH) provides mental health and substance use services across the region, including in the Sunshine Coast and Central Coast (eg, Bella Bella, Bella Coola), Richmond and Vancouver. Find services and resources provided for people of all ages in your community below.

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North Shore and Central Coast

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Other mental health and substance use resources

    • Kelty's Key online therapy

      Get free, tailored treatment from an online therapist, or work on your own with our self-help resources.

    • Heretohelp resource library

      Mental health and substance use information you can trust.

    • Bounce Back

      A free skill-building program designed to help adults and youth 13+ manage low mood, mild to moderate depression, anxiety, stress or worry.

    • Breaking Free Online

      Confidential wellness and recovery support program for alcohol and drugs.

    • Interventional NeuroPsychiatry Clinic

      Provides psychiatric consultation covered by MSP for persons who are considering non-invasive neurostimulation therapies.

    • BC Children's Hospital

      BC Children's Hospital offers clinics, support services and hospital care to BC children and their families.

    • BC mental health and substance use services

      Highly specialized treatment for people across British Columbia with severe mental health and substance use/addiction issues.

    • BC Cancer

      BC Cancer plans, coordinates and evaluates cancer care with the health authorities across BC.

    • Child and youth mental health intake clinics

      Children and youth can access free and voluntary community-based mental health supports and services in B.C.

    • Transition houses and safe homes list - BC Housing

      Find and contact a transition house or safe home near you.

    • Foundry BC

      Foundry is a province-wide network of integrated health and wellness services for young people ages 12-24.

    • Turning Point Recovery Society

      Turning Point currently offers bed-based services for adults in Vancouver, Richmond, the North Shore and Squamish, BC.

    • 24/7 addiction medicine clinician support line

      Provides addiction and substance use telephone consultation to physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses, midwives, and pharmacists.

    • eCASE (electronic Consultative Access to Specialist Expertise)

      Complementary e-Consultation service for health professionals.

    • Compass toolkits

      Online resource for community care providers.

    • Telehealth - First Nations Health Authority

      Telehealth allows First Nations individuals living in remote or rural areas to receive some health services without leaving their communities.

Mental health and substance use resources

Overdose response, Naloxone and training

Emergency mental health care

Decriminalization of controlled substances for personal use

MindHealthBC: Online mental health & substance use services

Substance use resources for children, youth and families

ADHD resources for children, youth and families

Eating disorder resources for children, youth and families

Anxiety resources for children, youth and families

Indigenous mental health and wellness resources for children, youth and families

Cognitive Remediation

Post partum depression

Nurse prescribing

Guidelines for opioid addiction & treatment

Admission to the Mental Health Inpatient Unit

Family support


  • Early Childhood Mental Health Services

  • Access Central - Detox Referral Line

  • Acute and Short-Term Crisis Intervention

  • Acute Home-Based Treatment (AHBT)

  • Addiction Medicine

  • Addiction Recovery Program (ARP)

  • Adult Intensive Tertiary Mental Health Rehabilitation Services

  • Adult Mental Health Teams

  • Alzheimer's Disease & Related Disorders Clinic

  • Youth Peer Support

  • Supporting and Connecting Youth (SACY) Substance Use Prevention Initiative

  • Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) Teams

  • Attention Deficit Hyper Activity Disorder (ADHD) Family Education

  • BC Operational Stress Injury (BC OSI) Clinic

  • BC Psychosis Program

  • Central Addiction Intake Team (CAIT)

  • Child & Youth Cross Cultural Mental Health Program

  • Child & Youth Urgent Response Mental Health Services

  • Early Psychosis Intervention (EPI) Programs

  • The Foundation Program

  • Youth Home Stabilization Program

  • Eating Disorders Program

  • Sunshine Coast Youth Program (SCYP)

  • Youth Day Treatment Program

  • Cognitive Assessment and Rehabilitation for Substance Use program (CARSU)

  • Community Transition Teams

  • Concurrent Disorders Services

  • Connect Parent Group (FACES)

  • Youth & Young Adult Drop-In Mental Health Counselling

  • Consumer Initiative Fund

  • Detox Services

  • Developmental Disabilities Mental Health Services

  • Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) Group Therapy

  • Diners’ Club Congregate Meals Program

  • Drug Checking

  • Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT)

  • Youth Central Addiction Intake Team (CAIT)

  • Richmond Family Access Support Team (RFAST)

  • Youth Assertive Outreach Mental Health Team

  • Richmond Community Mental Health and Substance Use - Central Intake

  • Integrated Child & Youth Team (ICY)

  • Youth Intensive Case Management Teams (YICMT)

  • Family Support & Involvement Program

  • Gastown Vocational Services (GVS)

  • Geriatric Assessment Program (GAP)

  • Harm Reduction Supplies & Needle Distribution Sites

  • Supporting and Connecting Youth Leadership & Resiliency Program

  • Young Bears Lodge

  • HOpe Centre Family Support

  • Intensive Case Management Teams

  • Ketamine Intervention Program for Treatment-Resistant Depression

  • Lighthouse Virtual Substance Use Care Clinic

  • Substance Use Counselling

  • Mental health and substance use supported housing

  • Mental Health and Substance Use Outpatient Services

  • Mood Disorders Clinic

  • Neuropsychiatry Program

  • Older Adult Mental Health Programs

  • Overdose Outreach Teams

  • Peak House

  • Peer Support Worker Program

  • Psychiatric Crisis & Emergency Services

  • Psychiatric Inpatient Services

  • Psychiatry Consultation Clinic

  • Rapid Access Consult Clinic (RACC)

  • Regional ADHD Clinic

  • Residential Historical Abuse Program (RHAP)

  • Richmond Mental Health Consumer and Friends’ Society (RCFC)

  • Safe Babies Program

  • Sexual Medicine Services

  • Sheway Pregnancy Outreach Program

  • Sisters Together Active in Recovery (STAR)

  • SMART Recovery

  • STEPS Mental Health Rehabilitation Program

  • Substance Use Public Education

  • Substance-Use Treatment And Response Team (START)

  • Suicide Attempt, Follow-up, Education & Research (S.A.F.E.R.)

  • Tertiary Mental Health & Substance Use Services

  • The Deaf, Hard of Hearing & Deaf-Blind Well-Being Program (WBP)

  • Transitions Program

  • Vancouver Addiction Matrix Program (VAMP)

  • Vancouver Integrated Supervision Unit (VISU)

  • Vancouver Junction

  • Vancouver Needle Distribution and Recovery Van

  • Youth Concurrent Disorders Services

  • Acquired Brain Injury Inpatient Program

  • Acquired Brain Injury Outpatient (ABI OP) Program

  • Anne Vogel Clinic

  • Geriatric Internal Medicine

  • How to access mental health and substance use services

  • Richmond Reproductive Mental Health Counselling Services

  • Richmond Reproductive Psychiatry

  • The Richmond Grief Support Group