Diners’ Club Congregate Meals Program

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The Diner's Club Congregate Meals Program provides people aged 55-plus with nutritious meals and an opportunity to stay connected to their community.

What to expect

Throughout North Vancouver, meals are served in a supportive environment focused on peer-to-peer interaction. People who come for a well-balanced and nutritious meal also enjoy great conversation and develop new friendships.



  • Sense of community: It's not what's on the table but who else is around the table that is most important! Social isolation is linked to many illnesses, so staying connected is an important part of healthy aging.
  • Brain health: Socializing for 30 minutes a day increases cognitive function and can help prevent mental decline.
  • Reduced stress: Healthy relationships, like those formed at the Diner's Club, help reduce negative emotions and health problems associated with them.
  • Healthy diet: Balanced meals, like the ones served by the Diners' Club, are an essential component of overall wellness.


Wednesdays at 11:30 a.m.
Mollie Nye House                            
940 Lynn Valley Rd, North Vancouver, BC
V7J 1Z7

Thursdays @ 12 p.m.
Entre Nous Femmes Housing Society, Capilano House
1551 Bridgman Ave, North Vancouver, BC
V7P 3N3


Reserve your spot

Call (604) 761-1474 or email ravinderdeep.kaur@vch.ca to reserve your spot at any of the congregate meals. 
Meals are $7 cash.