Substance-Use Treatment And Response Team (START)

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START provides first-line treatment options to individuals requiring help to withdraw from, or stabilize, their substance use and who can do so safely, with support, in the community. START offers a safe withdrawal from alcohol and other substances and initiation and titration of opioid agonist treatments.

What to expect

Clients who meet the program criteria will be asked to attend an initial intake appointment with their support person virtually or at START’s office. During the intake, nurses will assess the client to determine their individual needs, ask general questions about their health, and arrange to have blood work completed. The client will also be medically assessed by the physician, who will develop a plan to manage their withdrawal and prescribe any required withdrawal, OAT or maintenance medications. Before participation, the nurse and physician will answer any questions or concerns the client or their support person may have.

The program length is about two weeks. A nurse will follow the client through daily visits, providing clinical monitoring and support. Upon completion, START will connect clients with the appropriate community resources to support their ongoing recovery plans.

This service is available at
This service is available at

Substance-use Treatment & Response Team at Vancouver Detox

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