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The Richmond Mental Health Consumer and Friends’ Society (RCFC) is a self-governing peer-run mental health organization.

The RCFC provides peer support and a full calendar of diverse activities to all adult mental health consumers living in Richmond, B.C. 

What to expect

RCFC offers services to support strong programs and the opportunities it provides for growth and development to staff, clients, society members, and program participants. Programs include:

  • Peer Support Program
  • Peer Support Social Group (PSSG)
  • Therapeutic Recreation Program
  • Peers Supporting Peers


RCFC Resources

    • Peer Support Program Application Form

    • Therapeutic Recreation Program Application Form

    • RCFC Strategic Plan

      Learn the RCFC Vision and Mission with a focus on a community that is filled with strong, supportive, and empowered mental health consumers that all h

    • Become a member of the RCFC

      Full Membership Status is free and open to all mental health consumers living in Richmond, B.C. Associate Membership Status is also available.

    • Therapeutic Recreation Calendar

    • Peer Support Social Calendar

Peer Support Program (PSP)

We provide one-to-one support and encouragement to Richmond-based mental health consumers who are recovering from a mental illness and who are receiving mental health services. This assistance empowers peers and helps them to achieve measurable goals to foster greater independence.

It may mean growing more confident with getting out and being active, or learning social skills and meeting other people, or it could mean accessing community activities that are available. The match between Peer Support Worker and peer ensures that goals are reached, usually within a six-month period. Any information obtained through the peer support relationship is kept confidential.

Languages: Services are provided in Cantonese, Mandarin, and Spanish. A referral is required.

For more information, contact Jennifer Campillo, Peer Support Coordinator at (604) 675-3977 extension 3 or email her at:

Peer Support Social Group (PSSG)

The PSSG is peer support in a group setting with participants encouraged to work towards their goals and learn the principles of planning and leadership. Participants can work on new skills, improve their health, build relationships, and engage in creative and educational endeavours.

There is a Monday computer literacy class, a Wednesday social group, and a Friday group that teaches cooking skills in the winter and gardening skills in the summer.

Languages: The PSSG is led by a Chinese-speaking coordinator fluent in English, Cantonese, and Mandarin. A referral is required.

Download the Peer Support Social Calendar

For more information, contact Icy Chan, Peer Support Social Group Coordinator at (604) 675-3977 extension 5 or email her at:

Therapeutic Recreation Program

The Therapeutic Recreation Program promotes wellness with learning and social opportunities in a supportive recreational setting for people with mental health issues. Each month we produce a full calendar of recreational and social activities that occur both in-house at our office and in the community. A referral is required.

Therapeutic Recreation encourages and supports participants to:

  • Become active in the community.
  • Build a social network whereby healthy relationships are fostered.
  • Overcome barriers that hinder participation.
  • Learn and acquire skills, develop confidence and independence.
  • Lead a healthy lifestyle that enhances physical, emotional, and mental well-being.
  • Become a leader or teach skills to others.

Download the RCFC Recreation Calendar

For more information, contact Ashely Jassal, Therapeutic Recreation Coordinator at (604) 675-3977 extension 4 or email

Peers Supporting Peers

The peer-run Richmond Mental Health Consumer & Friends Society (RCFC) believes that lived experience is fundamental in helping others living with mental health issues move towards health and wellness. Our peer support clients and recreation participants are encouraged to be involved in all aspects of their recovery. Our peers in the mental health community can become involved in many ways at the RCFC:

  • They can connect one-to-one with a peer to work towards their goals.
  • They can take part in a diverse calendar of peer support and therapeutic recreation opportunities.
  • They can join a committee to advise our society on the delivery of programs.
  • They can vote for our Board of Directors, or even become a board member themselves.
  • They may also find employment at RCFC itself, as one of our paid staff.

This is why our motto is "Peers supporting Peers."

This service is available at
This service is available at

Richmond Mental Health Consumer and Friends’ Society (RCFC)

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