Operational stress injury (OSI) clinics and support in Canada

Operational stress injury clinics (or OSI clinics) are outpatient clinics where individuals with operational stress injuries, and their families, can find comprehensive clinical assessment and treatment services under one roof. Funded by Veterans Affairs Canada, these clinics are staffed with fully trained teams of mental health care professionals who work closely together to provide specialized care.

Ste. Anne’s Hospital National Centre for Operational Stress Injuries is responsible for the development and oversight of the nine clinics, which form a network across Canada.

  • BC OSI Clinic in Vancouver, British Columbia
  • Carewest OSI Clinic in Calgary, Alberta
  • Edmonton OSI Clinic in Edmonton Alberta
  • Deer Lodge OSI Clinic in Winnipeg, Manitoba
  • Parkwood OSI Clinic in London, Ontario
  • Ottawa OSI Clinic in Ottawa, Ontario
  • Ste. Anne OSI Clinic in Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue, Quebec
  • CHUQ OSI Clinic in Loretteville, Quebec
  • Fredericton OSI Clinic in Fredericton, New Brunswick