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The G.F. Strong School Program is a Provincial Inter-Ministerial Program that seeks to meet the educational needs of students with neurological impairments sustained through injury or illness.

The G.F. Strong School Program is funded by the Ministry of Education and administered by the Vancouver School Board.  The School Program is a long-standing partnership between the Vancouver School Board and G.F. Strong Rehabilitation Centre.

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What to expect

The goal of the School Program is to integrate both the benefits of school and rehabilitation therapy and to reintegrate students with newly acquired ​disabilities back into their home school communities.

The G.F. Strong School Program is the focal point of the Adolescent and Young Adult Program (AYA Program) at G. F. Strong Rehabilitation Centre, as attending school is the "work of adolescence."  The connection to an adolescent's home school is through the G.F. Strong School Program staff.  The school staff are part of the G.F. Strong rehab teams and work collaboratively with all team members.  The G.F. Strong School Program provides a supportive and socially familiar learning environment for adolescent and young adult clients.

Teachers will:

  • Contact your counsellors/teachers to find out what you are studying in school,
  • Guide and support your learning during your stay,
  • Teach you strategies for optimal learning,
  • Develop an individualized school return,
  • Talk to your teachers and provide education to them about your injury and how it might affect your schooling, and
  • Talk to your friends, with your approval.

Activities may include:

  • Academic assessment,
  • Remedial programming,
  • Coursework completion and continuation,
  • Learning strategy development,
  • Integrated technology and digital tools,
  • Peer interaction, and
  • Educational games.


This service is available at
This service is available at

School Program at G.F. Strong Rehabilitation Centre

4255 Laurel Street
Vancouver, BC V5Z 2G9
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