Mary Pack Arthritis Program (MPAP) Clinics

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The Mary Pack Arthritis Program Clinics provide services to people with all types of inflammatory arthritis, Systemic Autoimmune Rheumatic Disease (SARD) or Complex osteoarthritis. Services are provided in arthritis clinics in Vancouver, Victoria, Penticton, and Cranbrook.

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Services depend on location and may include

  • Physical therapy,
  • Occupational therapy,
  • Nursing and
  • Social work

Specialty services

Specialty services are also offered at various locations – find the location near you for details on services available. Examples of specialty services available include:

  • Advanced Therapeutics Clinic – provides physician and nursing clinics to assist rheumatologists in the selection, initiation and monitoring of medications such as Cyclosporine, Biologics and newer Health Canada-approved medications for the treatment of inflammatory arthritis and other inflammatory rheumatic conditions.
  • Biologics Infusion Clinic – safely administers IV biologic medications ordered by a rheumatologist for the treatment of inflammatory arthritis and other related inflammatory conditions.
  • Children’s Program – Our multidisciplinary team, including a paediatric rheumatologist, provides treatment, counselling, education, and community follow-up services for families with a child or adolescent with arthritis.
  • Intensive Collaborative Arthritis Program (ICAP) – an intensive program provided by an interdisciplinary team that includes medication management, counselling, education and referral to community services for adults with complex forms of inflammatory arthritis. Watch the ICAP information video.
  • Oral Medicine Clinic – a monthly dental clinic that assesses oral health issues related to rheumatic diseases.
  • Orthopedic Clinic – a monthly clinic that assesses people with damaged joints for possible surgical options to improve their ability to move and do daily activities.
  • Paediatric Program – Physiotherapy and occupational therapy is provided to children
  • Psychiatry Clinic – a weekly clinic that assesses and provides help for people with psychological concerns related to their rheumatic condition, and to assist with better coping strategies for people with physical limitations.
  • Telehealth Clinics – Consultation with a rheumatologist located in Vancouver is available via telehealth for patients with Lupus, Myositis or Pregnancy and rheumatic diseases.
  • Vasculitis  Clinic – A weekly physician and nursing-led clinic that provides consulting services and patient education for assessing and managing vasculitis.
  • Young Adult Rheumatic Disease Program – provides multidisciplinary treatment for young adults, who were treated in the pediatric program for various rheumatic diseases, to help with the transition to adult care.

How to access

All MPAP Clinic services require a referral – some require a doctor’s referral, and others require a rheumatologist referral.

Find a location near you to learn the full details on which clinic and specialty services are available and how to access services at the location.

Most MPAP services are covered by the Medical Services Plan (MSP). There is a charge for custom made splints and orthotics.

Resources and services to help you manage your arthritis

The Mary Pack Arthritis Program has over 75 years of experience providing a comprehensive collection of education and treatment services to people living with arthritis in British Columbia.

Find resources on managing your arthritis, learn about who Mary Pack was and learn about other Mary Pack Arthritis Program services, such as Travelling Clinics. 

Mary Pack Arthritis Program

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    Cranbrook Arthritis Clinic

    20-23rd Avenue South - in Cranbrook Health Centre Cranbrook
  • Mary Pack Arthritis Centre

    895 West 10th Avenue Vancouver
  • Other

    Penticton Arthritis Clinic

    550 Carmi Avenue Penticton
  • Other

    Victoria Arthritis Centre

    2680 Richmond Road Victoria