OsteoArthritis Service Integration System (OASIS)

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OsteoArthritis Service Integration System (OASIS) helps people with osteoarthritis self-manage their condition by providing free education sessions.

OASIS provides both online and in-person education sessions about managing osteoarthritis, as well as preparing for joint replacement surgery. 

What to expect

We connect people with osteoarthritis, their families and health-care providers with information, education and support to manage osteoarthritis at every stage of the disease. The OASIS team comprises many professionals, including physiotherapists, occupational therapists, registered nurses, dietitians and administrative staff. 

You can attend OASIS education sessions if you have hip, knee, foot, hand or spine osteoarthritis. Some of our classes are appropriate for people with other arthritis conditions.

OASIS was developed to meet the unique needs of patients, families and health care providers dealing with osteoarthritis by providing information about:

  • self-management,
  • prevention,
  • alternatives to surgery,
  • preparing for surgery, and
  • resources and support services.

For health-care providers

Refer your patients to OASIS education by directing them to the OASIS website, where they can self-register for an upcoming session. 

If you have specific classes that you would like your patient to attend or would like your patient to have a takeaway with the OASIS contact information, you may choose to print the referral form and provide it to your patient.

If you would like OASIS to follow up with your patient, please fax the referral form to OASIS, and we will initiate contact with your patient.   

Referrals for joint replacement surgery consultation should be sent to your local orthopedic central intake office (Vancouver, Richmond or North Vancouver), which is part of the Hip & Knee Arthritis Surgical Assessment Program (ASAP).  

OASIS classes and registration

Attend an OASIS class where people with osteoarthritis come together to get their questions answered and learn how to manage their condition. Get the information you need to manage your osteoarthritis.

All OASIS education sessions are free and do not require a referral from a healthcare provider.  Learn more about OASIS classes.