Palliative Care in Hospitals

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Emergency care

Call 911 or proceed to your nearest hospital if you require emergency care. Sometimes people are admitted to the Palliative Care Unit directly from the Emergency Room, depending on bed availability.

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Palliative care units in hospitals offer care and support for people whose symptoms and care needs cannot be managed in the community.

A palliative approach to care may also be provided to people being cared for at the hospital, even if they are not on a dedicated Palliative Care Unit.

How to access

Speak to your health-care team about what matters most to you.

To transfer from the community to a Palliative Care Unit, call the specialized palliative care access line in your area or speak with your health-care team for more information.

Hospitals that do not have a dedicated Palliative Care Unit can provide a palliative approach to care to anyone who desires this. Speak to your care team about what matters most to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Palliative care unit at Lions Gate Hospital

    231 East 15th Street, Floor 7-West North Vancouver
  • Palliative care unit at Richmond Hospital

    7000 Westminster Highway Richmond
  • Palliative care unit at Vancouver General Hospital

    899 West 12th Avenue Vancouver