Peer Support Worker Program

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The Peer Support Worker Program trains people with first-hand experience receiving mental health services to work one-on-one with their peers.

About this program

The program is designed to provide youth, adults and older adults who have serious or persistent mental illness with support to achieve personal goals, to learn new skills, and to link with community services.

Peer Support Workers are paid for their work and work alongside mental health professionals as colleagues. Peer Support Canada provides accreditation for Peer Support Workers. 

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What is Peer Support?

Peer support is when people with lived experience provide support to their peers. A peer support relationship is based on mutuality, empathy, and support from someone who understands. These relationships provide practical and emotional support to enhance quality of life and to assist people in reaching their goals. Peer support can offer real hope and understanding for some of the challenges people may be trying to deal with
day to day.

Who is a Peer Support Worker?

Peer Support Workers (PSWs) are individuals with lived/living experience with mental health and/or substance use challenges (peers) who have graduated from a specialized PSW Training Program. PSWs provide support with achieving personal goals, learning new skills, and connecting with community resources. The peer support relationship typically lasts until the established goals of the relationship are achieved. This can vary from weeks to months.

How do I access Peer Support?

Accessing Peer Support is through referral from a staff member on the Mental Health and Substance Use team or unit where you receive
services. To request a Peer Support Worker, please speak with your health care provider (usually your case manager, occupational therapist,
or recreation therapist).

How do I become a Peer Support Worker?

Peer Support Worker Training is provided through us and other organizations such as Coast Mental Health. Peer Support Workers receive classroom and practical training. Training updates will be posted on

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