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Discarded needle pickup

If you see a used needle/syringe in Vancouver, please call the hotline at 604.657.6561 or email Staff will go to the area, and safely collect and dispose of the needle. 
If you see a used needle/syringe outside of Vancouver, here’s how to safely dispose of it:
  1. Don’t touch the needle with your bare hands – get the proper equipment: rubber or leather gloves, tongs or pliers, puncture-resistant plastic container.
  2. Transfer the needle to the container. Using tongs or pliers pick up the needle and place it in the container.
  3. Secure the lid on the container.
  4. Wash your hands and gloves.
  5. Return to any community health centre.

Needle exchange sites

We also provide needle exchange services at several locations across the VCH region for anyone wanting to dispose of used needles in a safe and legal way.  

Needle drop off sites

Needles can be dropped off at the sites listed at the links below.

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