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May 1st is National Physicians' Day!


Today we celebrate those nominated by their colleagues for being the unsung heroes in both challenging times such as the COVID-19 pandemic, but also whose actions throughout the year contribute to the overall health and well being of their patients, their peers and their communities. 


Dr. Alissa Wright


Dr. Alissa Wright is a Clinical Associate Professor at the University of British Columbia (UBC) within the Division of Infectious Disease. Her clinical responsibilities include the care of pre- and post-transplant patients at Vancouver General Hospital and St Paul’s Hospital in Vancouver. She is a consultant for BC Transplant on infectious disease issues in organ donors and BC Cancer for the care of Leukemia/BMT patients. Her research interests are in the area of infections and prevention of infectious complications for both solid organ and hematopoietic stem cell transplant recipients. She has been involved with the VCH Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee. More recently, she has been involved with the BC COVID-19 Therapeutics Committee which is focused on creating and updating provincial guidelines for treatment of COVID-19. She also been a co-investigator on two clinical trials for treatment or prevention COVID-19 at VCH in collaboration with her Infectious Disease colleagues.

Dr. Iain McCormick

 iain-mccormick2.pngDr. Iain McCormick has been a member of the UBC Division of General Internal Medicine since 2007. He was CTU director at VGH, and is currently the site lead for Internal Medicine at VGH. Dr. McCormick working with Dr. Shane Arishenkoff, CTU Director, and Dr. Andrew Kochan, Chief Medical Resident have been instrumental during this time in preparing their colleagues for taking care of patients with COVID 19 on the medical wards.


Dr. Shane Arishenkoff


Dr. Shane Arishenkoff is a general internist and member of the UBC Division of General Internal Medicine. He completed his GIM fellowship at UBC and finished a one-year fellowship in Point of Care Ultrasound (PoCUS) at the University of California Irvine. His clinical work consists primarily as an Attending on the Clinical Teaching Unit (CTU) at Vancouver General Hospital (VGH). Dr. Arishenkoff is also the PoCUS lead for the Division, where his focus is on resident training, curriculum development, and research. As part of this work, he runs an ultrasound and procedures rotation that aims to provide dedicated PoCUS instruction and opportunities to perform several ultrasound guided procedures over the four-week rotation. He is the co-chair of the Canadian Internal Medicine Ultrasound (CIMUS) group and working on developing national standards for PoCUS education in internal medicine. Finally, Dr. Arishenkoff is the CTU director at VGH and sits on the Resident Training Committee as well as the VGH CTU Quality Improvement Committee. Working with Dr. Shane Arishenkoff, Dr. Iain McCormick General Internal Medicine Lead and Dr. Andrew Kochan, Chief Medical Resident have been instrumental during this time in preparing their colleagues for taking care of patients with COVID 19 on the medical wards.

Dr. Marla Gordon


Dr. Marla Gordon is a family physician and the Program Medical Director for Vancouver Community Long Term Care and Community Geriatrics programs. Dr. Gordon was instrumental in leading the relocation of the STAT Centre from VGH to GF Strong to accommodate more patients at VGH with COVID 19. This during a difficult time and under very tight timelines not only did she undertake this administrative task but she took time out of her calendar to do an exercise class for the patients because they were temporarily without activity programming. As stated by her staff "The fact that she has taken the time to do this just demonstrates the warm hearted person that we have all came to adore!"

Dr. Beverly Spring


Dr. Spring is a physician and former Medical Director (1994-2014) with the Vancouver Home Hospice Palliative Care Service, providing support to palliative patients and their families in their homes. She is also a physician with the Vancouver General Hospital Palliative Care Program. She provides amazing support to her physicians and nursing colleagues and is very gifted in developing a compassionate and effective palliative care service, which was been a model for many. She believes that: "Our mandate as health-care professionals is to foster healing, which can be seen as supporting patients as they move from suffering to a sense of integrity and wholeness, whether they're cured or not."


Dr. Rebecca Rivera


Dr. Rebeca Rivera is a General Obstetrician/Gynecologist at Richmond Hospital and is a Clinical Faculty Instructor for the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at UBC. She attended medical school and residency at the University of British Columbia. During the COVID crisis she has remained steadfast in her commitment to excellent patient care despite the complexities of a smaller site having less capacity, juggling the various providers' concerns, and staying abreast of all the Regional and Provincial evolving guidelines around the care of the obstetric patient.


Dr. Adam Chang


Dr. Adam Chang is a family physician who is highly dedicated to upholding the highest standards in his practice. He is committed to ensuring his patients receive the best medical care possible. Dr. Adam Chang is an excellent family physician who is highly dedicated to upholding the highest standards in his practice. He is committed to ensuring his patients receive the best medical care possible. He goes out of his way to ensure the proper care has been provided in the most efficient and helpful manner. His patients describe him as "professional, knowledgeable, approachable, caring, on time and an all-around great guy".


Dr. Raj Katta


Dr. Katta is a clinical assistant professor with the UBC department of psychiatry .He has been an integral part of delivering excellent clinical care at the 2 West Inpatient psychiatry. He works tirelessly to provide outpatient care for complex mental health clients as well as providing clinical care at the Bridgehouse unit. He leads the outpatient psychiatry program at Richmond Hospital and has also supported central intake services. 



Dr. Kenneth Hughes


Dr. Hughes is an orthopedic surgeon based in Richmond, B.C. He is former president of the British Columbia Orthopedic Association and Co-Chair of the Provincial Musculoskeletal Advisory Group (PMAG). He also the director of the Richmond Hospital Physicians Society (RHPS) where he strives to improve physician engagement and the work environment at the hospital. He's an expert in pain management before and after surgery and he specializes in performing knee surgeries. Dr. Hughes is dedicated to quality improvement and has co-chaired the MSPQI Steering Committee where he is supporting the development of a virtual quality improvement data environment. 


Dr. Lauri-Ann Shearer


Dr. Shearer graduated from the University of Ottawa in 2000 after working as a lab technician for 13 years. The challenging allure of rural medicine brought her to Bella Bella in 2004, but she still enjoys the numerous perks of city life and maintains a residence in White Rock, BC. For almost 15 years, Dr. Shearer has been dedicated to improving health care on the Central Coast. She is currently Medical Director of the Bella Bella Medical Clinic and R.W. Large Memorial Hospital where she practices almost full-time as a family physician in addition to her role as Physician Lead. Dr. Shearer has been instrumental in establishing specialist outreach care, ultrasound services and enhanced technology in Bella Bella. She is always looking for ways to enhance services on the Central Coast.


Dr. James Joshua Douglas


Dr. James Joshua Douglas is an infectious diseases physician at Lions Gate and a clinical instructor at the University of British Columbia. He has been dedicated to creating new services for patients and innovating the way quality improvement is delivered to smaller hospitals. With a calm and gregarious personality, Josh has built relationships between professional groups, creating a culture of care and safety. He built his team from the ground up, and now there are three infectious disease physicians across the coastal community of care. His colleagues describe him as cheerful and calm in the face of adversities, and overall an inspiration to all who work with him. 

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