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West End & Downtown health services


Vancouver Coastal Health provides a vast range of existing health care programs and services in the community for residents of all ages, including Vancouver’s West End/Downtown communities.

Current & future health services & supports in the West End/Downtown

VCH is working closely with Providence Health Care to ensure residents in the West End/Downtown continue to have access to the health care services they need after St. Paul’s Hospital relocates to the new Station Street site in Vancouver’s False Creek Flats. VCH will continue to serve the current needs of area residents through its existing services, while expanding, enhancing and improving access to primary, home and community services to meet future needs, and to help reduce demand for hospital and residential care services.

New Community Health Centre combines Three Bridges Community Health Centre & West End Mental Health Team Services

The new Community Health Centre, located at 1128 Hornby Street in Vancouver, replaces the services previously offered at the Three Bridges Community Health Centre. The larger space will allow health-care providers to see more clients and work side-by-side with other health-care teams to better coordinate care. The new Community Health Centre will also be the new home for the West End Mental Health Team, bringing even more services under one roof with a more integrated, team-based model of care. The new centre allows us to better meet the current and future needs of the community, especially the frail, elderly, chronically ill and those struggling with mental health and substance use challenges. 

VCH existing health services and programs serving the West End/Downtown

Many VCH-Vancouver programs serve the West End and local neighbourhoods in the home, in schools, on the street, and in other settings. Some services are outreach rather than site-based to serve the entire city, so are also available to West End residents as needed. Important to note is that all existing services currently offered by VCH in the West End and Downtown will remain after St. Paul’s Hospital relocates.

Future health service enhancements planned for the West End/Downtown

VCH is expanding, enhancing and improving access to primary, community and home-based care in the West End/Downtown area. 

Planned enhancements to existing services in the West End/Downtown

Home Health:

  • Expanded hours to increase client access to services seven days a week
  • Expanding hours for VCH’s Quick Response Team (supporting hospital discharges) to seven days a week
  • A new Home Health ambulatory clinic at the Three Bridges Community Health Centre

Home Hospice:

  • Expanded hours of shift care nursing in the home
  • Increased residential hospice beds city-wide
  • Outreach Nurse Practitioner visits for frail elderly (70+) without a family physician, or who are unable to access traditional services due to a health crisis

Adult Day Program:

  • Increased program capacity including support to mitigate caregiver distress
  • Addition of a Case Manager in the West End to support caregivers of complex clients

Primary Care:

  • A new integrated community health centre, the City Centre Community Health Access Centre, will bring together the services currently offered at the Three Bridges Community Health Centre and the West End Mental Health team. The future centre will be accessible seven days per week.
  • Electronic medical records to allow seamless care across VCH and PHC primary care teams
  • Working with the Vancouver Division of Family Practice, exploring how to increase capacity for residents living in the West End to have access to family doctors

New services being planned for the West End/Downtown

Seniors Services:

  • iCARE and Ideal Transitions Home: improved transitions from hospital to community care for seniors
  • Seniors Strategy: services to help seniors 70+ with complex health care needs remain in their homes, with increased home health capacity in the community
  • New palliative and end-of-life services including: an increased numbers of hospice beds, expanded care hours, new client-centred practices in residential care

Primary Care:

  • Starting with seniors with complex care needs and then expanding to include all of Vancouver’s population, VCH is partnering with the Vancouver Division of Family Practice to improve access to comprehensive primary care services, 24/7 for better health outcomes

Access health services in the West End/Downtown

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