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How to choose an equipment dealer

Buying equipment in this field is much like buying a car. When doing so consider price, reliability, warranty, appearance, track record and how you feel about it. You are a consumer and should feel comfortable that the dealer you choose is going to provide you with the best service, both while you are trying to decide what you need and after you have chosen to buy a piece of equipment.

Unlike a car most Durable Medical Equipment (DME) needs frequent adjusting and servicing. Your changing needs may result in a need to modify your equipment. Also, it is often difficult to get good service from sources other than the original supplier. The dealer is your main resource in getting satisfactory performance from your equipment and will become your primary advocate in any dealings with the manufacturer.

The following is a list of questions that you should review. Assess which reflect your particularly needs and then phone potential dealers to get answers about their services. Your Occupational Therapist or Physiotherapist can provide you with a list of dealers and their phone numbers. Keep track of different dealer's responses and then compare to find who best meets your needs.

  1. What are the staffing qualifications, (e.g., RESNA qualifications) of the dealer I will be working with as well as the technical support working at the company? 

  2. What previous experience do you have working with people with __________ and with equipment of this type (i.e., high-end power wheelchairs, specialised controls, specialised seating equipment)? 

  3. Can you do the equipment demo in my home even if I have stairs with a 4 foot rise? 

  4. Do you have sufficient stock for me to demo a variety of equipment in a timely fashion? 

  5. Will I be able to keep the demo equipment for a reasonable length of time to allow me to get a good idea of what will work best for me? 

  6. Are you able to do custom work (such as for seating components) at your own shop or do you contract the work out? 

  7. Once I choose a piece of equipment, are you able to provide me with a demo model to use until such time as my equipment comes in? How long in general will deliveries take? 

  8. Once you have provided me with the final quote, will there be any extra charges? 

  9. What kind of follow-up do you provide and will I have to pay for follow-up after the initial set-up? If so, what will it cost? For servicing, do I need to bring the equipment to your shop or are you able to pick it up at my home? 

  10. Do you keep an inventory of commonly needed parts? 

  11. What is your policy in terms of maintenance and replacement of equipment? 

  12. Do you offer extended warranties for equipment and or service? 

  13. Do you keep track of feedback from previous clients about new equipment and general satisfaction with different products and can I access the feedback? 

  14. Do you keep a record of what is done to my equipment at your shop?

Take into account the average prices and weigh these against the quality and quantity of service a dealer who charges more may be able to provide you with. Feel free to talk with your Physio or Occupational Therapist about any uncertainties you have regarding the responses a dealer gives you. You are going to be spending a lot of money, so make sure you are getting your money's worth. 

Good luck!


Equipment vendors

    • A1 Accessibility Solutions

    • A-1 Wheelchairs Unlimited

    • Abbey Medical Supplies

    • Ability Store

    • Access Mobility

    • Advanced Mobility Products

    • Aquassure Accessible Baths

    • Award Prosthetics

    • Can Am Mobility

    • Davies Home Health Care

    • HME Mobility & Accessibility

      (HealthLinc Medical Equipment)

    • MacDonald's Prescriptions

    • MACS Mobility And Care Supplies Ltd

    • Motion Specialties

    • Regency Medical Supplies

    • SelfCare Home Health Products Ltd.

    • Sidewinder Conversions and Mobility

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