Residential care resources

Review resources for residential care licensing.

Residential Care Routine Checklist

Download the Residential Care routine checklist here.

Emergency preparedness

The BC Residential Care Regulation requires your facility to have an emergency plan that addresses each of the four pillars of emergency management.

  1. Mitigation
  2. Preparedness
  3. Response
  4. Recovery

Create your residential care facility emergency plan

Below is a Word template you can use to draft your residential care facility emergency plan. If you have an existing emergency plan, elements of the template can be used to supplement that document.

Residential Care - Emergency response plan template (downloadable word document)

Communicable Disease Control

VCH Public Health Facility GI Outbreak Policy

This document is intended for use by healthcare professionals and licensed childcare group daycare operators. The document summarizes the recommendations of the Medical Health Officer for the prevention and control of viral gastroenteritis outbreaks and should be used as a resource to develop or augment existing childcare outbreak protocols.

VCH Hospice start up guidelines

There are a number of standards, guidelines, regulations and requirements that relate to the development and operations of hospices. We created hospice start up guidelines to help our hospice service providers navigate through the wealth of information available and provide a framework that will assist them in the planning, development and operations of their hospice. The guidelines are most relevant for hospices within the VCH geographic region. 

Download the VCH Hospice start up guidelines

Sexual health guidelines

These guidelines should be used by administrative staff and professional care providers to develop facility-appropriate policies, procedures, training materials, etc., related to sexual health and intimacy. This document is only a guide, and it is up to each care facility to decide how to address the various risks identified. The guidelines do not represent policies or procedures that are in place at any specific care facility, and are not mandatory guidelines that have been adopted by Vancouver Coastal Health Authority.


    • Residential care facilities and wildfire smoke

    • Residential care facilities and heat

    • Residential care facility inspection checklist

    • Preventing opioid overdose deaths

      Director of licensing standard of practice: Preventing opioid overdose deaths

    • BC Ministry of Health Residential Care Website

      BC Ministry of Health - Residential care website for more information

    • Meals and more manual

      This is a quality improvement and resource guide for nutrition care in small adult care facilities (24 beds or under).

    • Forms to accompany meals and more


We own the copyright to these guidelines. You may reproduce, distribute, display or adapt some or all of the guidelines for non-commercial uses in clinical and educational settings, so long as you clearly acknowledge Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH) as the source of the guidelines and retain all VCH proprietary notices on the guidelines. We reserve the right to amend the guidelines without notice (except that we may post a notice of any changes on this website), and disclaims any liability arising from or relating to the contents or use of the guidelines.

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