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  • Drug Checking

  • Supervised Consumption and Overdose Prevention Sites

  • Harm Reduction Supplies & Needle Distribution Sites

  • Vancouver Needle Distribution and Recovery Van

  • Overdose Outreach Teams

  • Vancouver Junction

Keeping individuals and communities safe and healthy by preventing infections, illness and injury related to drug use and sexual practices

Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH) harm reduction services are a part of a comprehensive public health and addictions program that includes both prevention and treatment. Harm reduction services provide supplies for safer drug injection (needles), safer smoking (mouthpieces, push sticks) and safer sex (condoms).

The VCH Toxic Drug Response Team

We are a team of nurses, peers and allied health professionals providing training and support in response to the toxic drug poisoning crisis across the VCH region. 

We provide training, support and resources to community agencies and health care providers across the VCH region in:

  • Overdose prevention and response (including Naloxone);
  • Decriminalization of substances for personal use;
  • Harm reduction, stigma, engaging with people who use substances;
  • Clinical Support for Supervised Consumption Sites (SCS) and Overdose Prevention Sites and Services (OPS) in the community.

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    • How to administer naloxone

      Short video on how to use naloxone to reverse an overdose

    • Harm reduction supplies site finder

      Find harm reduction supplies near you

    • Lifeguard app

      A phone app to prevent and respond to overdoses.

    • Toxic drugs: ideas to stay alive

      Printable poster of harm reduction ideas.

    • Monthly Public Naloxone Trainings Monthly public naloxone trainings

      Provided in person and on Zoom from the VCH peer team. Visit to register for sessions.

    • Moms Stop the Harm

      Support and advocacy for families impacted by the toxic drug emergency

    • Nexus and Odyssey (youth substance use counseling)

      Free one-to-one counselling and youth drop-in space from the Boys and Girls Club

    • Urban Native Youth Association

      Free counselling for youth and a youth health centre.

    • Navigating grief and loss (BCCSU guide)

      A guide for loved ones.

    • Parents Together

      A parent support group run by the Boys and Girls Club, often supports parents of youth using substances.

Resources for health professionals and service providers

Visit our substance use and harm reduction resources for health professionals and service providers for specific resources and training for all frontline staff and health professionals.

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