nurse at vaccine tent

Public Health Units

Services at each Public Health Unit include:

  • Communicable Disease ControlProvides clinical support, resources and education for prevention and control of communicable diseases, including case, contact and outbreak management for vaccine-preventable diseases, viral respiratory infections and sexually transmitted and blood-borne infections.
  • Dental Public Health Children's ProgramHygienist services including dental screening, oral health information, fluoride varnish application, and referrals to dental care.
  • Hearing Services (Audiology): Hearing screening for newborns, children and youth, diagnosing hearing loss, and hearing aids fitting for children aged 0 to 19.
  • Immunization Clinics: Immunization Clinics offer recommended vaccines for infants, school-aged children and adults with medical conditions and complex immunization needs. During clinic appointments, parents and caregivers can also receive support with other child health information such as global health and development assessments, health information, education and referrals.
  • Nutrition (Public Health Dietitian Services): Dietitians provide information and support related to food and nutrition via consultations, clinics, and health promotion.
  • Pediatric Nursing Support Services: Services and care for children with chronic health, medical complexities and special needs.
  • Prenatal & Early Years Program: Screening, education and support, including referrals, as needed. Public Health Nurses (PHNs) also assess maternal and newborn health and development, and provide education and ongoing support through early childhood as needed.
  • Speech and Language ServicesAssessment and diagnosis of speech impairments and support for VCH residents from birth to eligibility for Kindergarten entry.
  • Vision: Public education and referrals to optometry.
  • Youth and Sexual Health (Youth Clinic): Health education, counselling, provision of contraception and emergency contraception, pregnancy diagnosis and options counselling, testing and treatment for sexually transmitted infections, immunizations and referrals.

Public Health Unit locations

North Shore

Central Community Health Centre

132 Esplanade (5th floor), North Vancouver, B.C.
(inside the Central Community Health Centre)
Phone: (604) 983-6700
Fax: (604) 983-6883 

Parkgate Community Health Centre

3625 Banff Court, Unit 200, North Vancouver, B.C.
(inside Parkgate Community Health Centre)
Phone: (604) 904-6450
Fax: (604) 983-6883 

West Vancouver Community Health Centre

2121 Marine Drive, West Vancouver, B.C.
(inside West Vancouver Community Health Centre)
Phone: (604) 904-6200
Fax: (604) 983-6883 


Richmond Public Health Unit

8100 Granville, Richmond, B.C.
(inside Richmond Place - 8100 Granville Avenue)
Phone: (604) 233-3150
Fax: (604) 233-3198


Pemberton Health Centre

1403 Portage Road, Pemberton, B.C.
(inside Pemberton Health Centre)
Phone: (604) 894-6939
Fax: (604) 894-6967

Squamish Community Health Centre

1140 Hunter Place, Squamish, B.C.
(inside Squamish Community Health Centre)
Phone: (604) 892-2293
Fax: (604) 892-2327

Whistler Health Care Centre

4380 Lorimer Road, Whistler, B.C.
(inside Whistler Health Care Centre)
Phone: (604) 932-3202
Fax: (604) 932-6953


Evergreen Community Health Centre

3425 Crowley Drive, Vancouver, B.C.
(inside Evergreen Community Health Centre)
Phone: (604) 872-2511
Fax: (604) 871-0174

Pacific Spirit Community Health Centre

2110 West 43rd Avenue, Vancouver, B.C.
(inside Pacific Spirit Community Health Centre)
Phone: (604) 261-6366
Fax: (604) 261-7220

Raven Song Community Health Centre

2450 Ontario Street, Vancouver, B.C. 
(inside Raven Song Community Health Centre)
Phone: (604) 709-6400
Fax: (604) 872-5223

Robert & Lily Lee Family Community Health Centre

1669 East Broadway, Vancouver, B.C.
(inside Robert & Lily Lee Family Community Health Centre)
Phone: (604) 675-3980
Fax: (604) 253-2460

South Community Health Centre

6405 Knight Street, Vancouver, B.C.
(inside South Community Health Centre)
Phone: (604) 321-6151
Fax: (604) 321-2947

Three Bridges Community Health Centre

1128 Hornby Street, Vancouver B.C.
(inside Three Bridges Community Health Centre)
Phone: (604) 331-8900
Immunization appointment line: (604) 331-8909
Fax: (604) 734-5918

Coastal Rural

Bella Coola Public Health Unit

1025 Elcho Street, Bella Coola, B.C.
(inside Bella Coola General Hospital)
Phone: (250) 799-5722
Fax: (250) 799-5635

qathet Public Health Unit

5000 Joyce Avenue (3rd floor), Powell River, B.C.
(inside qathet General Hospital)
Phone: (604) 485-3310
Fax: (604) 485-3305

Gibsons Health Unit

821 Gibsons Way, Gibsons, B.C.
(Gibsons Health Unit)
Phone: (604) 984-5070
Fax: (604) 984-5075

Sechelt Health Unit

5571 Inlet Avenue, PO Box 1040, Sechelt, B.C.
(Sechelt Health Unit)
Phone: (604) 885-5164
Fax: (604) 885-9725