The day before your cardiac surgery

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Your surgeon’s office will call you to tell you when you are having your surgery and when you need to check into the hospital. If you have not heard from the office by 2 p.m. the day before your scheduled surgery, call your surgeon’s office to get this information.

When to contact your surgeon

Contact your surgeon’s office as soon as possible if:

  • You feel sick (e.g. cold, fever, flu, COVID-19, cough, other infection such as a bladder infection).
  • You have become pregnant.
  • You have a new medical condition/illness.
  • For any reason, you feel you need to cancel your surgery.

The night before your surgery checklist

  • Follow instructions for eating and drinking.
  • Follow instructions for your medications as directed by the surgeon’s office or the Pre-Admission Clinic. Non-prescription vitamins, supplements, and herbal products should have been stopped seven days before surgery.
  • For safety, remove all jewelry and body piercings.
  • Remove all nail polish, artificial nails and make-up.
  • Shower/bathe and wash your hair. Do not apply any lotions, moisturizers or make-up after washing your skin.
  • DO NOT shave or use hair removal cream on your chest, arms or legs. You may continue to use an electric razor to shave your face.
  • Use the antiseptic agent, following the instructions given to you.
  • Apply antibiotic cream using a Q-Tip to the inside of both nostrils if the surgeon’s office has asked you to do so.
  • Use antiseptic mouthwash, as instructed by the surgeon’s office.
  • Go to bed in clean pyjamas and bed linens.

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