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  • Boundaries Program (FACES)

  • Central Intake Line - Older Adult Mental Health and Substance Use

  • Developmental Disabilities Mental Health Services

  • Gastown Vocational Services (GVS)

  • Here4Peers

  • Mental Health & Substance Use Supported Housing (MHSUSH)

  • Peak House

  • Suicide Attempt, Follow-up, Education & Research (S.A.F.E.R.)

  • Supporting and Connecting Youth (SACY) Substance Use Prevention Initiative

  • Supporting and Connecting Youth Leadership & Resiliency Program

  • Vancouver Junction

  • Youth Day Treatment Program

Tertiary services

Our tertiary programs provide assessment, treatment, and rehabilitation services for individuals of all ages with serious and persistent mental illnesses who the community and hospital programs have not successfully treated. These services are offered in specialized settings and offer a longer stay than hospitals.

Find tertiary mental health and substance use services.